Shiney Ahuja & director Kunal Shivdasani on 'Idea Bollywood Club'

Catch Bollywood new action hero Shiney Ahuja & director Kunal Shivdasani as they get candid with contestant & actor Ejaz Khan on 'Idea Bollywood Club' – India's first indigenous reality show on ZoOm...

What catches the attention of the who's who of Bollywood? It's not your performance or stature…but it's the true inner talent, tears, sweat and painful struggles! The real drama and suspense unfolds this Thursday (September 18) on 'Idea Bollywood Club' as bollywood's new action hero Shiney Ahuja and director Kunal Shivdasani get candid to test the true talent of actor contestant Ejaz Khan.

Ejaz Khan enacts the role of a police inspector but his performance doesn't go too well with the celebrity judiciary – Shiney and Kunal when he flaunts his near to none six pack abs and the likes…simply to create an impression.

What happens to actor contestant Ejaz Khan then? Find out what the judges have to say about Ejaz's performance and his six pack abs…tune in to Bollywood Club for all the action, fears, stress and masti every Monday to Friday at 8 pm only on ZoOm. 

Attached below a transcription from the show:

Ejaz Khan was performing as a police inspector

 The following is the conversation…

Shruti Seth: Ejaz, you want to become an actor in Bollywood.

Ejaz Khan: I have everything what it takes to become one. I even have six pack abs, a good body, a good face, a good voice

Shruti Seth: Everybody is crazy for six packs nowadays. Will you show your six pack abs to us

(Ejaz shows his six pack abs)

Shruti Seth: Which directors would you like to work with?

Ejaz Khan: I would like to work on at least one film with all the directors

Shruti Seth: Have you met any director till date?

Ejaz Khan: Yes, they have seen my performance & my acting, but they say that you are a very good actor but you can call me in October. When I call in October, they say you call me in December. So till date, I am just calling.

Shiney: You are over enthusiastic and over confident. You were just performing as you are normally. The way you speak normally and the way you perform is one and the same

Ejaz Khan: Thank you sir. Sir, I am Ejaz Khan & Ejaz Khan needs a break. As for now, the character does not need a break. I need one

Shiney: You are here to show your talent. You should show your ability of portraying a character. The way you narrated your dialogues were as if it was you Ejaz Khan who is talking and not the character of a police officer that you were trying to portray.

Ejaz Khan: Interrupts

Shiney: Take this as a feedback if you want to listen or else I better not speak

Ejaz Khan: Ok Sir, speak

Shiney: Your body language was exactly the same when you were trying to play your character the way it is now. You just played yourself. I just couldn't see any character being played. The word actor means 'Playing a character'. You should understand the character first. Your character's profession is a police officer's one. You should try to understand what kind of a police officer is he? Where and how was his upbringing? Whether he is alcoholic? Honest or dishonest? Whether he is injured anywhere? How many kids he has?


Kunal: Interrupting …and most important…whether the police officer has six packs or not??   Ejaz if you will keep a cool head and take proper insights from others feedbacks you will be immensely benefited. Listen to people in the industry, respect them and then slowly but surely you will progress in your life. All the best!!

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no it looks lyk the guy from mahabhart Ajaz khan got da names mixed again uffff cuz da guy in pix don look lyk eijo x

14 years ago

which ejaz khan is this? apna kavya ejaz?

15 years ago

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