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Shilpa Shinde takes to social media to share an email sent to Gangs of Filmistan producers; Reveals she has also been showing COVID symptoms

Shilpa Shinde has been in the news for a couple of days ever since the reports about her quitting Gangs of Filmistan took over. And now, here's what she has to say about it.

Shilpa Shinde and Preeti Simoes

Star Bharat recently launched its show, Gang Of Flimistan is already in deep trouble with Shilpa Shinde quitting after making various charges in the show’s team.

Shilpa, who returned to television with this show after two years recently revealed to the media that she is not happy with the makers of the show. She had levied some serious allegations against the producers Preeti and Neeti Simoes, for not informing Shilpa about Sunil Grover being a part of the show. However, Preeti, in an interview with a leading porta,l denied the allegation which Shilpa has made against them but is also upset with her act of announcing the exit without informing them.

Shilpa recently posted on the social media, a photo of the email that she sent to the producers and denied the news that she had informed them earlier. She captioned it as, "Dear, Preeti/Neeti @preeti_simoes @neeti_simoes Stop telling lies as I had already e-mail you on 29th Aug 2020 regarding my issues & wanted to end this matter on happy note & you have replied too I’ve also received flowers & a note stating “Get well soon and missing you at the sets”. Hence kindly stop this drama. I’ve been unwell while shooting at your sets and currently have COVID symptoms. No one is paying for this but only I have to face... So atleast what you could do is not to spread that you are trying to contact me and all. It is a male dominated comedy, I suppose everyone would agree. I don’t understand why are you claiming to have called me again and again. After this bitterness, I doubt I would be able to do a comedy show with you. So let’s not aggravate the situation then what it is already or else let’s end this on positive note.P.S. Screenshot of Mail Sent on 29th Aug 2020..


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