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Shibani Dhandekar out of KKK8?

After Shiny Doshi, we hear Shibani Dandekar gets out of the race...


Colors popular reality show 'Khatron Ke Khiladi' season 8 that is being shot in Spain is creating quite a buzz, courtesy the contestants and their razzmatazz. 

Recently, there were reports doing the rounds in media about Shiny Doshi getting eliminated from the show. And the latest we hear is that the next contestant to get out of the show is Shibani Dandekar. 

The 12 celebrities who have been brought on board to compete against each other are - Nia Sharma, Shiny Doshi, Ravi Dubey, Bigg Boss 10 winner Manveer Gurjar, Lopamudra Raut, Rithvik Dhanjani, Karan Wahi, Shantanu Maheshwari, Hina Khan, Geeta Phogat, Shibani Dandekar and Monica Dogra.

Watch out this space for more details on the show.


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P0K0 6 years ago "normal" human beings procreate - enough is a clear retardation...And I am well within my rights as a human being to tell him it's not normal...Being gay is nothing to be proud of, and it should not be paraded in front of the rest of healthy functioning humans (especially impressionable children) as a desirable lifestyle.
ChickenSoup 6 years ago @SayaneeH.Lecter Sick people don't necessarily have to go to jail. If the sickness can't be cured, only then will they have to go to jail or out of the world. For example, psychopath killers can't be cured so if they can't be cured, they either get admitted to a mental hospital, or if they are unstoppable, they have to be killed. this is my logic. this logic goes for faggots as well. I hope I made myself clear.
mehek09 6 years ago @KaBhiinlove... I'd love to know what is wrong with it? Please do tell me.

Your statements have no logic. You have every right to have a personal opinion but as a country, whose opinion should the government follow? Yours or mine? Should the laws not be just for everyone?

Once again, how is homosexuality wrong or a sin. Because your God says so? Well, mine says it's not.
Sea-Hawk 6 years ago @ the ignorant people who think Homosexuality is a disease .. that a psychological state and that is a Minor reason of turning homo .. there are different reasons when the MAJOR reason remain the genetic thing .. no child knows der sexual orientation .. it comes with body development .. psychological factors works in extreme condition only .. its our gene which counts most .. that's y d world is divided in homo n hetero .. read n know
anyway if homosexuality is a disease which religion suggest sick people is criminal
so as per ur logic sick should go to jail??
ChickenSoup 6 years ago For the ignorant people that think people are homosexual by birth, please go educate yourself. When people are born, they don't know if they're gay or straight. As they grow up they start going different ways and that happens because of the people they live around. why do you think most of the roommates in all-boys schools become gay? Because they don't get to see girls and slowly their mind loses interest in girls. God gave us a brain so please remember to use it before saying something.

krystal_watz: please go kill yourself and relieve the world from some of its burden. You're not capable enough to live in this world!
2013-12-11 23:27:08
NandzLuv 6 years ago Me too disappointed when i came to know about this news. God never kept any rule that the same gender should not love each other. In people's eyes gay & lesbian means just sex , apart from that there s a feeling of love which can't be expressed . It's a great thing that Aamir raised his voice !!!
Rapier 6 years ago Oh please! Do something about the child marriages/sex happening first, where one party is neither an ADULT or CONSENTING! Then, try and take on homosexuality where both parties are ADULTS and CONSENTING! And we wonder why our country has gone to dogs!

No action in things that need action, and useless and incorrect action in things that don't even require an action!
Sea-Hawk 6 years ago OMG! People here are so much ignorant about facts. "homosexuality is disease" ?? "God makes human being to manufacture kids" ?? I mean Really!! for God sake Noone becomes homo by choice, they r homo by birth. Homosexuality is a genetic condition like Heterosexuality is. before giving excuse of religion read science too. religion is a bunch of philosophy made in d backdrop of certain time n society which needs modification with time. else the world remain in d same position forever. anyway if anyone wanna question homosexuality then one should question God/nature who made them like that. any real KANJI Bhai here???2013-12-11 23:04:45
krystal_watz 6 years ago KaBhiinlove: Even if you think its "not normal", you have abdolutely no right to support its CRIMINALISATION. Sec 377 sentences a person to seven years of jail for consensual sex! How can ANY sane person not oppose it? You can think what you want to about homosexuality, but as a human being, you should not agree that gays should be sent to jail for their lifestyle.2013-12-11 22:47:50
awida 6 years ago Come on Aamir Khan . You are a muslim. You went to Mecca and did hidj (pilgrim) how do you prefer human rights on Allah's orders? Homosexuality is against Islam . It is forbidden.
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