Shekhar Kapoor all set to drag Boney Kapoor to Court?

Shekhar Kapur seems to be irked after Ali Abbas Zafar announced his upcoming directorial which will be a remake of Mr. India (1987)...

Shekhar Kapur

The remake of Mr. India has milled a lot of controversies and Ali Abbas Zafar’s official announcement through his social media handle shocked the masses. He claimed that the reboot will be helmed by him and the announcement saw a massive backlash from the makers of the original film. 

Mr. India (1987) director Shekhar Kapur is displeased by the sudden turn of events and said that he is in touch with his lawyers to tackle the issues. In an interview with Mid-Day, Kapur said: 

Where is the director's ownership on the material he has created? It [the reboot] is based on what I have created. Now, I am in touch with lawyers all over the world to [tackle] the issue. It's about creating a new understanding of the creative authorship of the principal director of a film. [The model] is [followed] in many nations of the world, including Australia, and the US. As the director, I am the prime author of the movie. I must have rights to the future remake of the film created by me. This calls for a change in the constitutional copyright laws. This is not about Mr. India anymore.

- Shekhar Kapur

Currently, the rights of Anil Kapoor starrer belong to Boney Kapoor and he is well-aware of the fact that his father was the original producer. Even the poster reads Surinder Kapoor's Mr. India produced by Boney Kapoor. 

Shekar even informed reaching Boney when the reboot was announced. "[When I questioned him], he said nothing is set in stone. Anil was equally disturbed that he didn't know about it," he added.

"It's time to have a serious legal discussion here to reinterpret the copyright act so that it accords authorship of a film to the principal director. This is not directed at Boney, or the current director, or Zee Studios. It is directed at the act itself," Shekhar concluded.

Apart from Shekar even Anil Kapoor's daughter Sonam K Ahuja even criticized the 'underhanded' manner in which the remake was conceived of without the knowledge of the original film's leading man. 

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