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Shefali Jariwala Opens up on Equation with Asim, Sidharth & Plans of Adopting a Child!

We got into a fun and candid conversation with Shefali Jariwala where she spoke to us about her routine, equation with Asim Riaz, Sidharth Shukla, Adoption and much more...


We got into a fun and candid conversation with Shefali Jariwala where she spoke to us about  her routine, equation with Asim Riaz, Sidharth Shukla, Adoption and much more.

Talking about her routine, Shefali shared, “Initially I did not have a routine, I was sleeping at odd hours and was waking up at odd hours. I felt so directionless, that there was nothing to look forward to and I didn’t like the feeling. I read a lot so I read it somewhere that it is very important to have a routine, it kind of helps you with your mental health also. Now, I have a routine, I sleep only that much how I sleep normally because I figured out that once we get back to our normal lives, it will get very tough for us. So I sleep for 6-8 hours, I wake up and exercise, then I do some household chores, I take some me-time in the afternoon for a few hours, then I exercise again in the evening, then we have dinner and then we watch some TV.”

When asked what's her favourite food that she had in the Bigg Boss house, she said, “We were not given any luxuries in the bigg boss house. The food was very basic. But yes, the special thing was that Bigg Boss used to send cake whenever it was somebody’s birthday. Even I celebrated my birthday in the house. In fact on my birthday, we had 3 cakes. Bigg Boss sent one, one cake was made by Rashami and Arhaan, they made it with the things that they won in the luxury budget and even Vikas Gupta was there so he made another cake. So this was like a treat was us. Whenever we used to feel like having something sweet, we used to make Rabdi with the milk.”

People are also comparing this quarantine life with being locked up inside the BB house. When asked about the same, Shefali said, “Oh please, this quarantine is much better. We are at our own house with our family, we are connected to the outer world, we also have TV, phone and books, we could distract ourselves. In the Bigg Boss house we didn’t even have a watch to see the time. So that quarantine was horrible, this is much better. No one is going to get eliminated from here, that was very intense.”

Shefali also spoke about her decision of entering the house as a wildcard. A lot of people also felt that Shefali would have reached further in the show if she had entered from the start. Speaking about this, she said, “So Bigg Boss has been offered to me for many years. I was also offered for the first season of Bigg Boss. I was really young then and I found the format very weird. To go in the Bigg Boss house, you need to be very patient, brave, and headstrong. Over the years, things never worked out. This time, it worked out, that also a wildcard. But let’s think of the positives, this was the most popular season and it broke all records. Every season that you go inside, the dynamics are different because the people living in the house are different, every season has its own story. For this season, yes I feel that I should have gone from the beginning but then I was like no, whatever happens, happens for the good. It’s great that people think that. It is important how much impact you have had and in that way I was very successful. There were lovers and haters but I was not someone that you could ignore and I was myself. So I think whatever happened was for the best.”

Shefali also made her Tiktok debut with Asim Riaz’ song Kalla Sohna Nai. Talking about this and her bond with Asim, she shared, “The makers of Asim’s song are the same guys who directed me for Kaanta Laga. I have a very special connection with them and I am very close to them. When their new song came, it just so happened that Asim was also a part of the song. So I thought why not make my TikTok debut with this, it’s such a great way to show them gratitude and I loved that song. I gave all my well wishes to Asim, he is very lucky that so early on in his career he got a chance to work with them.”

“As far as Asim is concerned, I don’t know I am not really in touch with him at all. We do have a Bigg Boss group, where most of the contestants are there in the group but Asim is not on the group. Bhau is the admin of the group, he made the group,” she added.

She also opened up on her equation with Sidharth and shared, “Sidharth and I met each other many years ago, we dated and then we broke up. But we were very cordial. He’s a mature guy and I am a mature girl. I am married now and he is friends with Parag. So it’s really nice and when I was going into the Bigg Boss house, I was not very sure if I’ll talk to him or not. But it is very important in the house to have some friends. My equation with Sidharth in the house became really great and he’s a really nice guy.”

There were several rumours about Shefali’s pregnancy and talking about that she said, “I read that and I was laughing and I showed it to Parag and even he was laughing. It was genuinely a year old picture, it was my cousin sister’s engagement and it was clicked after lunch. It was very funny. That was just gas and not a baby bump.”

Talking about her wish to adopt, she said, “Yes, ever since I understood the concept of adoption, I wanted to do that. In our society, especially when you get married, people feel that you should have your own kid. There are so many children out there who are abandoned, people like us, if we can share our blessings with children then why not. So when I married Parag, I was not very sure because adoption is a very big decision. If I am married, my husband should also be on the same page, I cannot take the decision alone. It took him a little time to understand because even he was like we can adopt but we can also have a kid of our own. Then he agreed with me, then the parents and everything. We are all on the same page but the adoption process in our country is very difficult, there is a lot of paperwork and lots of waiting. I really want to adopt a baby girl.”



Shefali Jariwala

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