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Shaurya to move out and meet Urmi during Diwali in Zee TV's Doli Armaanon Ki!

Doli Armaanon Ki will soon gear up with a Diwali sequence followed by a drama as Shaurya will go missing and meet his mother Urmi.

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Spellbound Productions' popular show Doli Armaanon Ki is grabbing many eyeballs with its concept and the performance of the characters are gaining appreciation from the masses.

The show is currently revolving around Urmi (Neha Marda) who has left the house and Samrat (Mohit Malik) is trying all awful means to get her back in the house. Recently he convinced Shaurya to come back to his father and now as Sharya has come to Samart's house, Samart is not allowing Shaurya to go back to his mother. Even though Shaurya was unwell and needed his mother, Samrat didn't allow Urmi to meet Shaurya. This made the child very sad and eager to meet his mother.

Our source states the upcoming track of the show and says, "Shaurya will secretly go out of the house with the help of Mandira to get out of the house so that he can go back to Urmi. On the other hand Urmi will go to Samart's place to meet Shaurya. There will be lots of hit and miss between Shaurya and Urmi as they will cross each other but will not be able to meet. As soon as Urmi reaches Samarat's house, Mandira will inform her that Shaurya has gone to her house to meet her. This will make Urmi panic as she is aware that Shaurya is very much scared of crackers. Thus there will be a beautiful sequence where the audience will see the child's love for his mother that even though he is getting all the luxury still he wants to leave all that and wants only his mother."

"Shaurya will start crying and Urmi will be seen running to find her child and after a lot of struggle finally Urmi will find Shaurya. But she will get hit by a car still she will forget all the pain and will go towards Shaurya. She will take him to the Tiwari house again where they will do Diwali Puja together," adds our source further.

How will Samart react when he will come to know about Shaurya's move?

To know more keep reading the space.

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myrah13 6 years ago Love mohit malik...samrat great performer nd shaurya performs sooo well too..
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quirkygirl 6 years ago Wow! Waiting for the sequence. DAK is getting interesting day by day.
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berrysweet 6 years ago Only serial worth watching on TV at the moment. Glad that they are showing Urmi with people who care for her.
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leavesandwaves 6 years ago They are using unusual twists and turns to grab the interest of the viewers.
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Ramisaa 6 years ago the bond of shaurya and urmi is so pure and alluring
even te actors are also potraying it really well
i just love this show
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Budtameez 9 years ago It is an insult to refer to Dharmendra-ji and Hema Malini-ji as 'YESTERSTARS'!
They are still prominent 'STARS' today!
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Mariaa.SG 9 years ago Okaay , My Tought is Simple , Just Let Others Live their lives the way they want !! Its not a necessary to always Have Hit Films :) i hope Esha ot have better Luck InshAllah coz she's Talented !! i agree with her points too
Coming to Sonam & Abhishek : according to me both Are Good Actors )= Thaat's Something Different tha Sonam Liked Doing Modelling and it suits her but no ndeed to make an issue !! If someone Doesn't Like Them , Plz Stop Wasting your Time On Writting Comments ( Criticizing) On them!! Annoying Acts2011-10-31 11:32:37
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pallavi25 9 years ago I agree, Sonam shd be a ramp model, not an actress. And Abhishek shd just quit acting. He can be something else, not every actor's kid has to be an actor or actress! Esha isnt bad but shes better suited in simple girl roles like Na Tum jaano na hum. She doesnt have Hema's looks but shes not a bad actress!
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zoya-shah 9 years ago wholeheartedly agree with @pallavi 25.sonam and abhishek despite of giving flops one after the other r still getting offers bcoz of their star parents.sonam is full of herself.she can't come out of the fantasy that being an anil kapoor's daughter she can do anything.don't know why ppl call her fashionista.most of the times,her outfits are odd and don't suit her.2011-10-31 07:18:23
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R.A.J 9 years ago Sonam should quit acting n become a ramp model

Coming to Esha, it is just her bad luck i guess.

PC - waiting desperately to hear you sing. Good luck and don't stress much.
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