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Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani's Debattama Saha: I never sit and wonder what went wrong, I get nostalgic

India Forums got in touch with Debattama Saha and she spoke about the journey, the reunion, and ongoing trends for the show.

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Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani on Star Plus went off-air earlier this week but the fans continue to celebrate the show and how. Featuring Karanvir Sharma and Debattama Saha in the titular roles, both of them have managed to garner a lot of applause for their performances, the show, and more.

India Forums got in touch with Debattama and she spoke about the journey, the reunion, and ongoing trends for the show. Read excerpts from the interview here.

First things first, tell us how has the journey been for you so far?

The journey has been amazing, on a serious note, I have taken a lot of things with me and a lot of memories, and it was the best to date, and I still feel like being called Anokhi, so that's how beautiful the journey has been.

The show continues to trend on social media days after the last episode, how overwhelming does it get?

You know, I never thought I'll get so much love and it is overwhelming because even I have been giving interviews and noticing people and their love, still I get tags, etc, people texting, and wanting to know about us. I feel blessed and grateful about it.

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As an actor, what would you say has the growth curve been for you with this show?

As an actor, I feel I have improved a lot, also working with such amazing actors, I have learned a lot, my co-star was amazing and so was everyone else. I learned so many things from them like even I wanted to improve every day, and like I kept telling everyone, being Anokhi in itself is a journey, so sometimes I felt as if I don't have to act, it is the feelings within me that is helping me be Anokhi, so that's the best thing that happened to me.

Do you ever sit and wonder what went wrong with the show?

I never sit and wonder what went wrong with the show, I get nostalgic sometimes because it was a beautiful show, and I just hope for the best in the future.

You had a reunion soon after the final day of the shoot, what was that like?

The reunion was crazy, and I also posted videos on social media because we went crazy seeing each other after so many days, and we are so attached to one another, and we loved one another, so we all were very very happy. (smiles)

What are you looking forward to doing next, something that's always been there on your bucket list?

I am looking forward to doing a web series maybe, if I get auditions, I would definitely love to do that, and some strong character again, like whatsoever it is, to bring justice to the character. I haven't planned anything, and not doing anything just yet.

Debattama Saha Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani 

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ringroses 1 months ago Duggaa…bahot saari Anokhi Durgaon ki blessings best wishes aap logon ke saath hai aur lifetime rahengi…stay focused and creative as always… ShauryaAurAnokhiKiKahani..ShaKhi..undoubtedly bemisaal unmatchable supergrand creation in every aspect …mindblowing great inspiring show… KaranvirSharmaDebattamaSaha…beautiful dedicated supercharismatic actors ...wish to see them in SAAKKS2 and in many more.. on silver screen…Thank you SAAKKFamily…LoveyoumissyouAll
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ringroses 1 months ago I NOMINATE
Most iconic actor of the year #KaranvirSharma
most iconic actress of the year #DebattamaSaha
Most iconic Jodi of the year #Shakhi
Most iconic Hindi television show of the year #ShauryaAurAnokhiKiKahaani
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black.snowflake 1 months ago The show has a beautiful concept and a strong storyline with good actors. Hoping for a better season 2. The show managed to build quite a loyal fanbase in a short span which misses it!
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anjali9996 1 months ago Just live u deba n karan, eagerly waiting for season 2 with the same cast
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ringroses 1 months ago Debattama Saha is realy Anokhi girl ..our princess absolutaly crazy kiya re..with her unmatchable acting&beautiful soul touching voice… …a true inspiration…touchwood…in SAAKKFamily all are very experienced genius tabhi aisa show banaa ..ThankYou StarPlus…
KaranvirSharma Debattama Saha…AllTheVeryBest… ShauryaAurAnokhiKiKahani … Vote For KaranvirSharma #internationaliconicawards2021 #iia7karanveersharma
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Tashaf_arshi 1 months ago Hope for the best. Love shakhi
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divine_16 1 months ago Wish her best of luck ..hope she gets a web series or a show with strong character to play.She was amazing as Anokhi...hope she rocks in the next project also.
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Bhavisweet03 1 months ago Good luck for the future. Love you deba 😍
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shahsb_26 1 months ago That's the saddest thing about the show! That inspite of strong and tested concept, inspiring storyline - no one, including makers to creatives - ever sat down to think about what went wrong and only kept blaming channel rather than also looking at constructive criticism from regular follower of the show.

I am not defending channel. Yes, it was wrong to not promote, it was wrong to axe the show when there was another low trp show. But, makers should also reflect on the whole thing and then bring in Season 2 with better character consistency and clarity on role.

Khair as an actor it wasn't part of Debattama's job to think what went wrong anyway. Good Luck to her!
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kiranpri 1 months ago She will make it big. The journey has just started...
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