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Sharad Malhotra opens up on new normal in COVID-19 times, the silver lining to it

Sharad Malhotra feels, ''The best part is that we have started living in a very cautious way.''

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The COVID-19 cases are increasing every day. Though there are some obvious symptoms of the virus, it is observed that people can be positive and still not show any symptoms. Actor Sharad Malhotra says, “it’s our individual responsibility as citizens to not infect the other person”.

He feels one can be asymptomatic and can still infect other people, so it’s important to follow the precautions and maintain social-distancing.  

It’s important to maintain hygiene, but I feel it’s our individual responsibility as citizens to not infect the other person. You can be asymptomatic, but you can still infect the other person with the virus. Your immunity or threshold is strong, but there are seniors and elders and we need to take care of them as well, so, we need to be responsible and try to not pass it to the next person. That should be the idea,” he said.

He calls, “social-distancing” as the new sad word that 2020 added to our vocabulary and sharing the precautions he takes while stepping out said, “We are just following the regular protocol like wearing masks and gloves and keep sanitizing your hands and keep using disinfectants and try to keep that two meters distance, i.e. social-distancing.”

It is the new sad word now, and it has become very famous, and before this, I had never heard of anything like social-distancing. Anybody and everybody is using this word now. 2020 has introduced a new word in our vocabulary list. We just try to be cautious."

The “Kasam – Tere Pyaar Ki”  actor feels that COVID has a silver lining to it and elaborated, “For me this COVID, I think there is a silver lining to it. The best part is that we have started living in a very cautious way. Most of us have started vegetables, cleaning milk packets, using disinfectant sprays, and everything. This was not happening earlier. I think everything happens for a reason, and I think it’s good that we are taking care of ourselves, we are being responsible, which we never did in the past. So it’s good that we are cleaning everything that comes from outside, in a way it’s the new normal.”

Sharad even said that the new normal is great and added, “People are saying that this new normal is not good, I think it’s great. As a kid, I remember I saw my mother clean vegetables, but we never did it. It was only in the last 95-100 days that I started doing it. I have been washing everything from fruits to vegetables. I think it’s for our well-being and our good health. I think this should continue, COVID or no-COVID, this is how we need to live our lives now.”

Well, everyone sure seems to have mixed feelings about these things!

Ssharad Malhotra

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