Shah Rukh & Kajol on Vogue cover

The golden couple ShahRukh-Kajol who not only set the screen on fire but also the box office are now ...

The golden couple Shah Rukh-Kajol who not only set the screen on fire but also the box office are now heating up the classy Vogue! 

The celebrated duo with a chemistry that casts a spell, the couple have been hailed to grace the cover of Vogue Magazine (India) on its 2nd anniversary.
Shah Rukh told a TV channel (NDTV)  that it is a 'relief' that he was finally picked to be on the cover of Vogue. "I'm very excited I'm the Vogue cover. My wife was on the Vogue cover when it started off, and that's something everyone in the house teases me about. So this is my claim to fame, and hopefully now I'll be looked up to in my house."

Kajol too said that she had a great time shooting for the portfolio although the camera was  different and the Vogue team worked hard to fashion well, the easy and natural glamor the couple has been known to exude for much over a decade now.
Its a sort of coup for the magazine to get the two superstars together as both of them are uncomfortable modeling, more so Kajol.
SRK and Kajol shared that there are many differences between a movie camera and a still camera. It took them some time to get attuned to the still camera and give a perfect shoot. 
SRK witty as ever claimed the joke upon self. and remarked, "We are not the best people to be posing, we don't pout, we don't know how to smile, we don't know which side to look. We do silly things, we laugh, we joke, we kept looking in the wrong direction." Its been one of the reasons behind his reluctance for such shoots over the years.

So, what makes them the hottest couple? Kajol promptly took the mike, "We have done so many films together that have done well, and they happen to be love stories...I think it is great. I don't understand it myself so I can't explain it."
The Vogue cover is a great treat for all SRK-Kajol fans, and one can't help but notice how perfectly it has been timed to precede the release of their much awaited My Name is KHAN.

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