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Shagun Sharma on what she would change about TV industry: Would like them to adopt a more realistic approach

Shagun Sharma, who is currently seen in Ishk Par Zor Nahin, got talking about the show, acting, and more. Read her interview here.

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Shagun Sharma is currently seen playing the role of Sonali in the show Ishq Par Zor Nahi which also features Param Singh in the lead role. A rather interesting story of how opposites fall into place together, Shagun plays one of the parallel leads in the show. Read excerpts from the interview here.

When was the first time you realized you were made for acting?

I genuinely feel that I am yet to encounter that moment when I will feel that I am made for this. Currently, I feel that I love what I am doing. I am putting a lot of effort into what I do. I believe I wasn't meant to do it but I worked my way towards it. 

What is the best advice you have ever been given?

The best advice was from an actor and he said, " Along the way you will meet a whole lot of different people with different advice, and you just need to put it in your bag. When there is a need then all you have to do is learn from the best of them"

If you could change anything about the Television Industry, what would it be?

I would like them to adopt a more realistic approach towards any concept.

What are your upcoming plans?

My upcoming plans are just that I have to give my best every day on the sets of the show (Ishq Par Zor Nahi) which I am currently shooting for.

If not an actor, what would you be?

If not an actor, I would be a singer

How do you keep yourself fit?

My fitness regime would include doing jogging, workouts at home- squats, crunches, planks. I try to keep my skin hydrated, put on sunscreen when I get out and yes eat healthy as what you eat reflects on your skin.

Anything new that you want to experience in life.

I am yet to experience a lot of things in my life- like Bungee Jumping, sky diving, traveling a lot, and many other things.

Well, here's wishing Shagun luck of everything that is to come ahead!

Shagun Sharma Ishk Par Zor Nahi 

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