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Sex Education 3 on Netflix is a one of its kind in successfully making the best third season possible

(****1/2(4.5/5)) Sex Education 3 has gotten better in not just writing and performances, but also put up a show that is possibly its strongest season ever.

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Sex Education 3

The season 3 of Sex Education begins from where it left us all, however, at the very beginning, we know that this one is not going to be half of how easy everything looked in the earlier two seasons. A precedent is set early on, and as the trailer gave out, we know that big changes are coming for the students of Moordale, the ones they have no idea about. What follows is a lot of figuring things out, some heartbreaks, and so much more.


It's lovely how there's no single couple or even actor that's given a lot of importance because we see parts of everyone. Since there is no lead, my heart does go for Connor Swindells as Adam because oh boy, has he nailed his part. His character arc has been impressive, most real of them all, and also so human. Jean and Jakob, played by Gillian Anderson and Mikael Persbrandt respectively, are also two characters that show what it is like to start off a new with someone, and the process of it, no matter what age one might be at.

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Asa Butterfield as Otis, is, as usual, an absolute treat to watch because while there are times you want to dislike the character, you know that he is only trying to do right to people, even when it means hurting others. Emma Mackey as Maeve continues to be my top pick, because she makes you feel so many things, where you understand so much more not just about her, but people around you, and even yourself, for that matter. Ncuti Gatwa as Eric, is yet another character serving a breath of fresh air to the story of these teenagers turning into almost adults. While his character is sure important for the LGBTQ issues that the story highlights, the new addition in the form of Dua Saleh's Cal is also mighty interesting. While they (the pronoun that they clearly want to be addressed as, as a non-binary person), their chemistry with Kedar Williams-Stirling's Jackson is also one to look at. Mimi Keene as Ruby has also been a character graph to look at because it shows how everyone is vulnerable, and everyone has more layers to them than they let on.

Sex Education 3 cast

Oh, and Jackson's graph, similar to Adam's in certain ways, has also been one to look at as well. Aimee Lou Wood as Aimee, one of the most interesting characters, is also one that constantly grabs your attention of how just someone to tell you things can help you make better decisions, and of course, there's also a clear weightage on how assault is never the fault of the victim. Tanya Reynolds as Lily and Patricia Allison as Ola have interesting viewpoints to look at, and they do justice to how the creators want things to be portrayed. Jemima Kirke as Hope, though the new Dolores Umbridge, does justice to the character and is a good addition to the cast.

While the cast of Sex Education 3 is extremely big, there's absolutely no one who doesn't do their part well. So it is only so much true that everyone has put their A-game on, and we can't wait to see more of the show.

The good

I think I could go on about all the good that the show has on and on, and it wouldn't be enough. But first things first, to make any show liked universally, more than its previous seasons, is a feat in itself and we see that happening here. As a fan of the show, I think there's only onward and upward for the entire team here. 

Starting with the impeccable writing, one has to give due credit to Laurie Nunn for making the show everything that it stands for right now. A part of writing, of course, the way that every subject in the show is dealt with, is hands-down the finest ever, and we know that it deals with a bunch of sensitive topics, one of them being inclusivity, as it ensures that they address a wider spectrum than any show or movie, ever has.

While the performances are all great, the writing makes it greater. We don't need to say why, because every character is so intricately written, and actors giving their absolute best only makes it better. The production quality as well, is absolutely amazing and there seem to be absolutely no compromises anywhere, not the writing, not the characters, and all of that is complemented with a great musical score.


Sex education 3

You can see how we skipped the bad because there is none and that speaks just about enough for this show. Without becoming too preachy, you must start watching the show if you haven't yet, and if you have, then just keep going, because you don't want to miss this one.

(Rest assured, I know I have missed a couple of things, however, there's absolutely everything about the show that I love)

Ratings: ****1/5 (4.5/5 stars)


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