Semifinal Clash in Zee's Mega Challenge..

The first finalist state will be got this weekend in Zee TV's Mega Challenge...

We are now into the Semifinal phase in Zee TV's SaReGaMaPa Mega Challenge, and it is the four states Assam, Maharashtra, Gujarat and Kolkata who will fight to enter the Finals.

The first semifinal will be aired this weekend, and it will be Maharashtra and Gujarat who will fight it out. According to our source, "Gujarat lead by Parthiv Goel lost to Maharashtra lead by Rohit Shyamrao this week. The celebrity judges who will grace Semifinal 1 will be the talented Bappi Lahiri, Kavita Krishnamurthi and Abhijeet".

The second semifinal will take place next week between Assam and Kolkata. The Grand Finale which will be aired on December 12th will mark the 1000th episode of SaReGaMaPa.

Let's see who makes it to the final next week to stage a fight with Maharashtra.   

Reporter and Author: Ranjini Nair

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Abhijeet Bhattacharya

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Bappi Lahiri

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Kavita Krishnamurthy

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SaReGaMaPa Mega Challenge

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Comments (6)

we r from mumbai.we sat to watch this wonderful show.miles and miles away from INDIA we were very very disappointed to see GUJARAT leaving this show.it seemed to us this was not a right decision.how come this MEGA CHALLANGE decision only depends upon JUDGES.the people should also get a chance to get actively involved in this decision.please you should consider 10 percent of peoples' vote.today we were sure PARTHIV was going to win.thank you for this show its very entertaining.hope you understand the peoples' point of view. KC.

14 years ago

hv always watched all SaReGaMaPa shows but this Mega challenge is big flop show.

nothing is impressive.......not the hosts nor the format !

Instead they should start individual show for youngsters n lill ones

14 years ago

gujarat is purely the winner
maharastra freakin sucks only vaishali can sing
and on gujarat's side every one know how to sing
and i can't belive tht vaishali made the stunt of being sick
thts y she got a 8

14 years ago

Mega challenge is big flop show.
No one is interested in this format !
Instead they should start individual show for youngster

14 years ago

thanks..maharashtra is def a very strong team

14 years ago

I don't like this show anymore after Raja Hassan got eliminated... How can they eliminate such a gr8 singer... :(

14 years ago

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