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Scariest Looks in Movies!

BollyCurry presents to you the top five scariest makeup looks in Bollywood movies.

Published: Thursday,Oct 31, 2013 20:54 PM GMT-06:00
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To cap off this October culminating with Halloween, BollyCurry has saved its scariest best for last. Halloween is a time to embrace one's dark side. Among the many things that make Halloween the most spooktacular holiday, watching horror films remains a staple of the All Hallows' Eve experience. While many horror movies remain elusive to the masses, some films and their terrifyingly memorable characters have been able to garner a niche fan following. Therefore, BollyCurry presents to you the top five scariest makeup looks in Bollywood movies. In no particular order, here are the looks that are sure to send a shiver down your spine.

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First on our list is Samri from the 1984 horror film, Purana Mandir. The movie is a cult classic directed by Bollywood horror film aficionados - The Ramsay Brothers. The movie chronicles the story of a monster named Samri played by Ajay Agrawal. The gleaming red eyes, protruding canines and the startling presence, thanks to the Mr. Agrawal's six feet seven inch frame, make Samri one of Bollywood's scariest movie looks.

The witch Nakita from the 1988 Ramsay Production Veerana, harbors one of the scariest looks in B-Town horror. Given that the movie was released over 20 years ago, Nakita's makeup is especially noteworthy. Frazzled hair, red burnished eyes and the wrinkled skin looks scary good, while the rotted teeth add that extra gross factor. Makeup artist Sayed Ahmed and costume designers Madanlal and Mani Rabadi did great a job in making Nakita one the iconic looks in the Bollywood horror genre.

Bandh Darwaza
No scariest looks list is complete without a scary vampire and Neola from Bandh Darwaza fits the bill spot on. Bandh Darwaza, another movie by The Ramsay Brothers, was released in 1990 at the tail end of the 80s horror boom. With the iconic vampire teeth, bloody eyes and the quintessential black cape, Neola is Bollywood's version of the classic Dracula-esque vampire. Meticulously placed and pronounced facial scars makes him a classic horror look. 

Next on our list is Sangeeta from the 2012 horror flick, 1920: Evil Returns. Produced by Vikram Bhatt and directed by Bhushan Patel, the movie is a quasi-sequel to the 2008 movie, 1920. While the film failed to do garner critical acclaim, the makeup and prosthetic deserve a strong mention. Sangeeta's stringy black hair, glazed over eyes, pasty white skin and bloody facial scars reminds us of the many Hollywood exorcism movies. The classic white ragged dress perfectly completes her look.

The final look to make the cut hails from one of the later flicks added to Bollywood's small horror collection. The ghost, played by newcomer Aparna Bajpai in Vikram Bhatt's 2013 movie Horror Story, is one of the spookiest looks we have seen on screen in some time. Her look comprises of mismatched teeth, blind-eye contacts, a tattered dress and a staple of any horror look - tangled, messy hair.

Indian cinema, although not known for its mastery of the horror genre, has had its fair share of scary movies. The earliest Bollywood horror films graced the screen in the 1940s and since then there has been plethora of horror films over the past seventy years. BollyCurry wishes all the readers a great Halloween and we await to hear which look appalled you the most. 

Writer: Marsh P.
Editor(s): Saraa K and Jenifer Y.
Graphics: Marsh P.

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