'Savitri Devi college and Hospital' actress Swarda Thigale goes BOLD for her new photo-shoot!

The dazzling diva is raising temperatures and we bet you won't recognise her...


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When it comes to hotness, our television beauties never fail to raise temperatures. This time it's none other than our favourite doctor Sanchi aka Swarda Thigale flaunting her toned bod in her latest photoshoot. She is completely slaying it in the pictures and we just can't take our eyes off her.

Swarda who is usually busy with long hours of shoots, took out some time for herself and tried exploring something different., she tried different looks for the shoot. On television she has been seen in traditional outfits but this photo-shoot shows a totally different avatar of the on-screen bahu.

The shoot started with orange dress followed by hot pants along with a brown top and a metallic blue outfit, Swarda was looking extremely gorgeous in the brown floral print gown and the white top with pink shorts made her look cute.

Have a look at her amazing pictures-

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According to Swarda, she feels alive after makeovers and for her being comfortable means wearing something casual yet sassy and elegant.

Swarda is a famous marathi actress who made her hindi TV debut with Savitri Devi College and Hospital, she loves dancing and is trained in both Kathak and Salsa.

Swarda is absolutely stunning in all the looks, we wish to see more of her in her non-desi look!

Which look of Swarda did you like the most? Comment below.

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NLovely 1 years ago Keep Rocking Swarda Thigale
Good article keep shinning Like A Star
HeartLess12 1 years ago Swarda Thigale I've been watching your serial for past 2-3 days just coz of my mother but seeing Your work I'm stunned your face.. Your dialogue delivery every thing is always on point.. Dr.sanchi the prettiest I've ever seen I'd always remain a patient if there's a doctor like you it's just the starting to your amazing career girl i promise from my side that I'll always appreciate it n you got a veryyy long journey to pass n get success.. I wish u all the happiness in the world n may god bless u with hell lot of success ..okay I've seen your ig feed its so f**kin gorgeous my goodness I'm falling for u... I loveee youuu so much ..2018-09-01 16:40:18
Queen_Cleopetra 1 years ago Swarda Thigale Looks outstanding
BuntyAurBubble 1 years ago Keep Rocking Swarda Thigale
Love u sweety
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Cute_Parineeti 1 years ago I Like Swarda Thigale all Looks
She is very pretty
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Swarda Thigale
Swarda Thigale
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