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Saurabh & Saisha 'Mess up' Ashnoor’s Diet Plan!

Patiala Babes co-stars Saurabh and Saisha's off-screen camaraderie is only seen to be believed, so much so that they even team up to mess with Ashnoor’s diet.


Sony Entertainment Television's Patiala Babes has enthralled the viewers with its interesting storyline and an outstanding cast. Patiala Babes not just exhibits the beautiful nuances of relationships like mother-daughter and that of the bitter-sweet moments between sisters, but it also gives wings to people’s dreams by showing them the results of dedication towards your work. Post the leap Ashnoor Kaur is seen leading the star cast being the main protagonist.  

However, Ashnoor is bonding quite well with her Patiala Babes co-stars, Saisha Bajaj, and the latest entrant in the show, Saurabh Raaj Jain. The actor, who plays the headstrong character Mini, revealed how the three have grown close to each other in such a short span of time. They all have a good time on the sets. In fact, just the way Saisha and Saurabh are seen bonding well in the show, their off-screen camaraderie is only seen to be believed, so much so that they even team up to mess with Ashnoor’s diet.

 “I am a foodie and I love eating all the time. However lately, as per my dietician’s instructions, I follow a strict diet to maintain my fitness. I avoid eating anything which is not mentioned in my diet plan. While shooting a scene, all three of us had to try different delicacies. So, taking advantage of this situation, both Saisha and Saurabh ganged up and planned on making me have some sweet delicacies, just so that I mess up with my current diet. And, they knew I won’t be able to deny it especially while filming a scene. How evil, no?” Ashnoor quips, adding that she now must work out harder in the gym to burn those calories.

Sourabh Raj Jain said, “We always find some or the other way to tease each other on the sets. This time, Saisha and, I decided to make Ashnoor indulge and have a cheat day because we know that she loves to eat but sacrifices her taste buds to her dietician’s advice. We actually wanted her to enjoy this meal.”

 Meanwhile in the show Mini (Ashnoor Kaur) has taken up double responsibility of her stepsister Arya (Saisha Bajaj), and her mother’s restaurant, Patiala Babes. Saurabh Raj Jain, who recently joined the cast as Neil, the head chef of Patiala Babes, is seemingly getting close to Saisha. Only time will tell if their friendship would continue to grow by leaps and bounds!



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Rishrabh 6 months ago Love the trio Neil Mini Arya onscreen and SRJ Ashnoor Saisha offscreen. Loving Patiala babes a lot. Love u SRJ Neil ♥️♥️♥️
Rebalove 7 months ago Neil oberoi is rocking the show. He looks so handsome nd stunning in the show nd his chemistry with mini is beautiful
Tssonal01 7 months ago Awww they are so sweet they keep trying leg pulling each other on screen nd off screen too awww these three are so super cute I’m so happy they share such a good bond off screen too loving them so much neil and Arya’s bond is so beautiful nd Neil nd mini look so so adorable together ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ The show is getting more n more interesting day by day 😍😍😍😍
SRJKiShraddha 7 months ago Love the bond of trio. So #ArNe teamed up against Mini. I am so happy to see sourabhraajjain in fiction show
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