Sargun Mehta on ‘Saunkan Saunkne’ becoming a hit: My first reaction was to jump with joy

Actress-producer Sargun Mehta as ‘Saunkan Saunkne’, a film she has produced and acted in, has got a fabulous response at the box office.

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Sargun Mehta

It’s celebration time for actress-producer Sargun Mehta as ‘Saunkan Saunkne’, a film she has produced and acted in, has got a fabulous response at the box office. The actress says that her happiness is boundless at this point.

“My first reaction was to jump with joy. I have been working on the film for the past three years. Right from the time I heard the story, I had been after the writer for this film. Then I took it up as a producer, and today the film is doing wonders. I love that people are loving the film. I think it takes a long time to build your trust in the audience,” she says.

The film unexpectedly got a better opening than actor Ranveer Singh’s Jayeshbhai Jordaar, however, Sargun is not one to get carried away. “This is just on a film-to-film basis, it's got nothing to do with anybody. Aaj hum aage, kal voh aage ho gaye. I think these guys are putting out benchmarks for us,” he says.

Managing both acting and production was a challenge, however, it was one that Sargun enjoyed. “It is difficult to manage both the verticals. It was very tough. There are days when I'm exhausted mentally and I'm like I can't do this. And then, there are days when I'm enjoying success. I can't say that it's a cakewalk. Every day there is a new issue or something that needs to be looked at. It's not like television like you have done your part, it's every day's job. In fact, with this film, I was stressed for two years,” she says.

Besides this, shooting in a pandemic made this project more challenging. “I would have been fine shooting in a pandemic if it was just from the capacity of an actor. But as a producer, we had to do a lot of stuff, cut down the crew and explain to people that they have to do two to three jobs, instead of the one job they were doing. Pay attention to the crew. Make sure that nobody falls ill. It was like a task every day to check. We didn't even want one person to fall ill on the set and we made sure we were following all the protocols. I feel it was the toughest shoot of my career,” she says.

Talking about working with her co-actor Ammy Virk, she says, “Ammy and I have known each other since our first film. We weren't paired opposite each other but Angrej was our biggest hit. The second film, Qismat, was a blockbuster as well. Qismat 2 is another blockbuster and now here we are with Saunkan Saunkne. We have a very easy chemistry. I think it's because we are friends first and that shows on screen. It's always wonderful to shoot with Ammy.”

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She produces and acts in regressive content and then pretend to care about society

1 years ago

Just the trailer gave me headache! The story looked so regressive…couple can’t have kids so let’s get the husband marry wife’s younger sis -.-

1 years ago

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