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Sara- Kartik Spotted Getting Cozy in their Car at Midnight

Sara Ali Khan and Kartik Aaryan are Repetitively Denying their Relationship, but their Secret Cosy Midnight Meetings have a different story to tell...


Courtesy : NDTV

Sara Ali Khan and Kartik Aaryan have been secretly painting the town red for quite sometime now. While the duo had parted ways for a few months they recently got back together. But, this time they have been keeping their affair under wraps. But, despite their repeated attempts, they are not able to hide their lovey-dovey acts from the on-lookers.

Recently, Sar-Tik (a nick name given to the couple by their fans) were spotted getting cozy in their car in the middle of the night! It so happened the duo were returning from their outing and were about to arrive at Sara's building but just before they could do so, the night paparazzi team who usually covers celebrities and their parties spotted their car and got ready to click their pictures. Upon spotting the media the duo decided to change their destination. Kartik then pulled down the windows and requested the papz to not click their pictures and then went into another lane.

Courtesy : Love Aaj Kal Team

While the papz didn't click their pictures they surely did witness what was going inside the car! Needless to say, Sara and Kartik instead of getting down from their car at Sara's abode, decide to trick the papz and went in another lane and waited there for the papz to move away from the building. But, as always the papz witnessed what was happening inside Sara's car!

Well, as the saying goes, "Love and Cough Cannot be Hid", Sara and Kartik's repeated attempts to hide their lovey-dovey romance is going in vain it seems!

On the work front, Sara Ali Khan and Kartik Aaryan are gearing up for Imtiaz Ali's Love Aaj Kal where they will be seen sharing screen space.

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