Sara Gurpal says ex-husband Tushar Kumar was abuisve, Questions the need to talk about it now

Bigg Boss 14 contestant Sara Gurpal, who got evicted from the house this week, opens up on her marriage to Tushar Kumar while stating that he is not important to her anymore.

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Punjabi singer Sara Gurpal has become the first contestant to get evicted from Bigg Boss 14. While she was inside the house, the singer was also in the news outside due to her marriage with Tushar Kumar, back in 2014. Now that she is out of the house, she went on to talk about it and revealed how he was abusive and that he is no longer important to her.

Sara went on to tell IANS how Tushar stated that they have been separated for over 4-5 years now and that it was an abusive relationship, and she has the right to move. She also went on to question why is he talking about it right when Bigg Boss started and where was he all this time. she also stated how he is the least important person in her life.

While Tushar has made various claims about the marriage, one of them also happens to be that she married him to further her career and get a green card. About this, she went on to highlight further why is he ready with this the day she went into the Bigg Boss house and added that he wants fame, but she does not care about it since thousand people will say thousand of things.

She added, ''Okay, there was a marriage and he did whatever (he had to). What else does he want? I have been through hell. I don't think any girl or man deserves to be in such a situation where he or she has to deal with mental and physical trauma.''

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