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Sara Ali Khan’s Now Deleted 'All Lives Matter' Post Invites Heavy Trolling; KRK Trolls Her, Angry Netizens Question Sara’s History Degree

Sara Ali Khan's "ALL LIVES MATTER" post did not go down well with netizens who trolled her heavily and also questioned her history and political science degree from Columbia University...


 A revolution ‘Black Lives Matter’ went viral on the Internet after a black man named George Floyd was killed by a white policeman in the United States. Several violent protests and mass destruction took place in the US and netizens all across the globe are enraged over the killing of an innocent man.

Besides the netizens protesting on the Internet, several Bollywood celebrities also came forward to raise their voice and join the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement. However, celebs like Karan Johar, Kareena Kapoor Khan, Alia Bhatt among others were also called out for their selective outrage and keeping mum when similar wrongdoings take place close to their own country land.

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Amid the George Floyd matter, another heinous incident came to light wherein a pregnant elephant in Kerala died after eating a fruit filled with crackers. Sara Ali Khan took to her social media to put out a post that had hands in different colours and an elephant trunk with a text that read "ALL LIVES MATTER" striking the word "BLACK" on the post.

Well, Sara’s post backfired as it did not go down well with many people on the Internet. The Love Aaj Kal actress was heavily trolled and as a result of the massive backlash, Sara has now deleted the post from her social media.

Kamaal R Khan recorded a video to mock Sara and he captioned the video as, "Sara Ali Khan is very sad for killing Goerge in the USA!"

Have a look:

Many angry netizens also slammed her as "tone-deaf" and "privileged” and questioned her history degree from Columbia University.  "Sara Ali Khan is a prime example of how privilege can give you the access to education in one of the best universities but not brains to apply that and learn from there” a user on Twitter wrote.

Another tweet read: "A reminder that Sara Ali Khan has a degree in history and political science from fucking Columbia. Her ignorance in spite of her education is astounding."

“Sara ali khan, a history grad from columbia, not only accessorising a black model in one of her shoots but also supporting all lives matter on a platform where she has a significant following is further proof that going to an ivy league doesn’t necessarily mean you’re smart” read another tweet among many others.


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Cinesoda 1 months ago Illiterate KRK can’t even spell George properly. As for SAK she is part of the problem and as a young person of colour she should be ashamed of herself. Having a degree doesn’t make you intelligent or well informed. She and others like her have shown they are gawars.
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