Samikssha Batnagar on dealing with financial crisis: Can't be choosy right now

Samikssha Batnagar recently got talking about dealing with the ongoing crisis, financial problems, and more. Read what did she say.

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Samikssha Batnagar, last seen in Hamariwali Good News went through a major financial crisis, and in a recent interview with The Times of India, the actress said how the lockdown caused a massive cash crunch as her projects crashed, and hence, she had to take up a few time-bound roles, including that of Hamariwali good News. She added that 2020 was difficult financially and the lack of acting opportunities also made it worse.

She added how the situation right now is also rather difficult and added, “There’s no work and if it continues like this, it will be very difficult for me to sustain in Mumbai. My savings are almost over, and I am running out of cash.” Because of the lack of work, she mentioned that this has all lead to her taking up all kinds of work and does not leave her with an option to be choosy anymore. She added how she will have to take up whatever comes her way.

Further, she mentioned how she believes in numerology and thinks that numbers do play an important role in one's lives which is why she added an extra 's' in her name and removed the 'h' from her surname. She mentioned that it did work out for her initially and got a few web series and it was going fine but the lockdown ruined it. She says she is now looking for work and wants things to get better soon.

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