Salman's special fan passes away!

Salman Khan's extraordinary fan Arvind Jain of London lost his battle with Duchene muscular dystrophy. The 12-year-...

Salman Khan's extraordinary fan Arvind Jain of London lost his battle with Duchene muscular dystrophy. The 12-year-old had been combating this disease since the day he was born and passed away on Sunday.

When Arvind went to Mumbai last year on a vacatio
n, the adolescent articulated a wish to meet the bollywood superstar, ' Salman Khan'. At that time, he knew that time was running out. Despite the fact that Arvind went to Sallu's house spontaneously, Salman welcomed him in affectionately. In this past month, Arvind's condition got worse. Even though, he became tremendously frail. He stayed positive. Furthermore he even had to have his food pipe disconnected. Last week, his wellbeing took a turn for the most unpleasant and his heart stopped functioning.

After meeting Salman, Arvind said, "I could not believe it when Salman greeted me. It was a dream come true. I did not know what to tell him but he made us extremely comfortable". Arvind went into Salman's house with his parents Mridula and Ashok Jain and his older sister Sushma. When he was restricted to the wheelchair, Hindi movies were an immense foundation of comfort for him and Salman Khan was his favourite screen idol.

When Arvind came met Salman Khan in person for the first time he was speechless. Nevertheless step by step and thankfully to Salman being so normal , he could essentially commence a discussion with his icon. The focus of chat was Salman's movies and his paintings. Sallu had told Arvind, "You can ask me anything you want to know about me". In addition to Salman and Katrina Kaif, Salman's sisters Alvira and Arpita, his mother Salma as well as Malaika Arora Khan were in presence.

Arvind's family friend Lalit Bisht said, "Arvind and his family were planning to come down to India this year. Arvind had fond memories of his trip last year."

Arvind, who was restrained to a wheelchair, could not arise or be seated exclusive of support and depleted his entire life inside and out of hospitals. Nonetheless, Arvind's family sought after him to live life to the fullest.

Author: Navi D.

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