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Salman Khan's unconditional apology!

Salman Khan yet again has landed in controversy, sends his apology.

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Salman Khan and controversy walk hand in hand. It's not the first time that the actor has been trapped around for his public comments.

In the wee hours of the day the actor was seen posting a series of tweets in support of Yakub Memon, the brother of Tiger Memon an accused in the 1993 Mumbai blast.

With the break of the dawn these tweets got viral and the actor was being bashed for supporting a terrorist. Social media was getting flooded with tweets carrying hashtags #SalmanWithTerrorist.

However, the actor cleared the air sometime back and retracted all his earlier tweets. He later posted new series of tweets apologising to everyone and as well said that his tweets were being misquoted and he had no intention of going against the law. He has strong faith in the judicial system of the country.

After his apology came out the protest that was taking place outside his home by the party members got dismissed and the situation was brought under control.

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Salman Khan

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KaraNiaDieHardF 5 years ago Why you people criticise him. I'm sure he is not the only person who thinks this way.
If Salman Khan is guilty he was supposed to go to jail for FIVE YEARS RIGHT??????
Then why he didn't go???? Because he has money RIGHT??????
But the court could have dignity and not to take money from Salman.
He has rights to say what he thinks because he is a normal person. But because he is SALMAN KHAN he has to pay always.
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anjs 5 years ago @BolNaHalke : i agree what you are saying, but the thing is the judiciary has already convicted the man, after a proper trial...there mustve been some proofs against him, right ? so now there was no need for Salman to tweet about it...most of his tweets talk bt the main culprit, but it also raises question mark on the courts of India...and the fairness of the trial...where we can vouch for sure that the accused isnt being punished for his brothers crime...he is punished cause he was an accomplice, as per the proofs...
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d.padmini 5 years ago commit a crime and apologize and ur Scot free ..
i dont know why we have jails and judicial system..
this man keeps committing crimes one after another without any repentance and still people blindly follow him.. from abusing women to killing people to hitting fans to shooting black bucks ..he has done all in the name of being human and his followers still blindly support him..for what i dont know
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CatcherInTheRye 5 years ago Abe dun fight guyz...its his let him do it...pehle murder sorry bolo...underworld ko support kro fr sorry bolo
isse mereko ek dialogue yaad a gya...I HATE SORRIESCool
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diceygal 5 years ago He should have rather tweeted about Bajrangi Bhaijaan and Hero :p
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kavmuks 5 years ago Some people never learn ... In spite of life giving them lot of attempts and lessons
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Nisha0604 5 years ago I propose hanging Mr Salman Khan instead :)) Fair Trade. Or shoot him 257 times (the victims of Tiger and Yaqoob Memon) And then Mr Khan's family can donate all the Bajrangi Bhaijan earnings to Mr Memon's family :P Since he is "Being Human" and all
THERE!! THATS my freedom of speech Mr Khan.
We "deserve" the likes of Mr Khan. They beep us daily we pay Rs.500 at a multiplex to hear "gems" like this (Claps)
Also, "Mrs Salman Khan" Can you PLEASE ask him to Tweet celebrating/glorifying/sympathizing with ISIS & Hizbul Mujahideen and any other groups on CIA, FBI and NSA's watch list pleej? They would be really interested in reading such fine glory posts. OH YEAH!! We need Mr Khan to exercise his "Freedom of Speech" more frequently AND PUBLICLY since we are "being Human" :)))
Thanks for passing on my request :)
You keep your side of the bargain by asking him to Tweet supporting ISIS AND not be a, in YOUR words a "diplomatic asshole"
I will reward you and Mr Khan by taking a screen shot of his "honest" Tweet about ISIS and send it to the CIA Citizen Services here in Washington DC. :P
Because "Freedom of Speech" needs to be rewarded :))2015-07-26 22:26:14
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BettyA1 5 years ago You don't have to apologize Mr.Khan, you can do no wrong...

You will not only not be punished for your actions, you will be rewarded for them...

So Kumbayah
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Mohabbateinn 5 years ago @MrsSalmanKhan - Although you are fighting for Salman's freedom of speech on this are undermining EVERYONE ELSE'S freedom of speech on this forum. Please respect opinions of others before you begin to support that of a convict's. Thanks,
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RheaSingh 5 years ago Salman kills people - his fans say he is always misunderstood,
Salman hunts black buck -his fans say he is always misunderstood.
Salman hits women, woman abuser - his fans say he is always misunderstood
Salman supports a terrorist - his fans say he is always misunderstood.

Dear fans, the problem is not with Salman, he is the way he is, you all are screwed up and definitely misunderstood :P if salman gets jail sentence, which doesn't look possible, but if it happens by god's grace, the law should permit the bhai - tards all of them to join him perhaps a lot of torture shall be spared enough hehe !
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