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Salman Khan Snatches a Fan's Phone After Selfie-Seekers Pester him!

Salman Khan has once again landed in controversy as he snatched a phone at Goa airport after Selfie-Seekers Pesters him...


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Salman Khan has often found himself in controversy and the actor does not shy away from being reckless at times. At times his bad mood has chalked a lot of problems on the professional front. Salman is quite skeptical of his privacy and he is often pestered by his fans for selfies and he tends to get angry at his fans. Now the 54-year-old actor has yet again found himself in trouble and this time it was at Goa.

A video has gone viral on social media which features, Salman Khan snatching a phone of a person who is trying to take a selfie with the star. Of course, without his permission and that's what ticked of Bhaijaan. He seemed irritated and in a swift move, he grabbed the selfie seeker's phone. 

Currently, a section of netizens have been standing by the superstar’s actions meanwhile a section of the audience has slammed Salman saying his action was not at all justified. Some are saying that Salman showed his attitude while some say it is not right to take a picture without permission.

A user commented on the video, "So what is he took selfie omg then don’t come out of your house this attitude and misbehaving they idolize u ppl and this is your shit attitude !" Another one wrote, "Why is @BeingSalmanKhan #SalmanKhan so angry ??? #Selfie seekers pls respect and take permission before you click click."  

Check out the video below: 


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