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Salman Khan COMPARES himself with SRK, Aamir; Calls himself MEDIOCRE

We can't believe he just said that...


Salman Khan is the true superstar of this industry. He is undoubtedly the most popular Khan and is the moved loved too. The three Khans of our tinsel town started their journey almost three decades back and since then they have been winning our hearts. They face the comparisons between them but still move headstrong to the next milestones of life.

Recently, Salman Khan had a heart to heart chat with DNA where he talked about himself and the other two Khans. About the notion of being the biggest Khan, he said, "Not really"

He went on to explain, "By the grace of God, the films that I'm choosing have done well. But it is not as if Aamir or Shah Rukh are choosing bad or worse films. There are times when the movies I've chosen, to the best of my knowledge, haven't worked. And then one film works and you're back. SRK is a legend, as is Aamir. A bad movie here or there may happen, but they will always come back. Actually, tension toh mera hai. Aamir and SRK know their craft. I've heard people saying they're not so sure about me."

The Dabangg Khan further added, "My thing is that I'm surviving on mediocre talent and luck. Actually, I don't know what I'm surviving on, but I'm surviving. Mere ups and downs toh hote rahenge. By the grace of God, hamari fan following itni tagdi hai"

Well, Mr. Khan, Tagdi to hai. Salman was last seen on the big screen in Race 3 and his next Bharat has everyone excited. He has also started shooting for Dabangg 3 which will once again blast all the records to receive immeasurable love for Salman Khan. 
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