Salman and Controversy- Synonymous with each other

Salman Khan is always surrounded with some or the other problem and knowing or unknowingly he gets caught in a controversy.

Salman Khan is always surrounded with some or the other problem and knowing or unknowingly he gets caught in a controversy. It seems Salman and Controversy are the two sides of the same coin.

Lower Court rejected Salman’s plea and upheld the five years imprisonment given to him by a Lower Court in Jodhpur. Salman Khan is most likely to surrender on Monday as he is away shooting for his movies now.

Let’s take a sneak peak about controversies Salman was involved in

Salman Khan got involved in legal matters in 1997 when he was involved in a Chinkara poaching case in Ghoda farms in Rajasthan on October 11, 1997.

• In 1998, the second one came when he killed two black bucks which is endangered species and aklso illegal to kill. He shot them when he was in Rajasthan while shooting for Hum saath saath hain in Rajasthan.when Salman and several co-stars went hunting in the nearby Thar Desert. The group strayed into a Bishnoi-dominated area.

• In 1999, there was news all over that Salman had physically abused his then girlfriend Aishwarya Rai and to add to it Rai family lodged a complaint that “should not be held responsible for any untoward incident involving the actor.” Salman was earlier also accused of abusing her Pakistani girlfriend Somy Ali and hence Aishwearya’s case added to it.

• After that Salman was accused of harassing Vivek Oberoi, who was Aishwarya’s then boyfriend and was dating Vivek Oberoi then. It is believed that Khan had made numerous obscene and angry calls and sent 41 smses to Vivek in one night that irritated Vivek arranged a press conference for the same.

• All these did not end and in 2002 Salman was caught in the biggest case of his life. He was charged of killing one person and injuring three others when Khan was heavily drunk and was drove the car on the group of people sleeping on the pavement at a bakery in Bandra on September 28th. There was also a policeman in Khan’s car and despite this Khan absconded from the scene. It was later that he confessed that he was scared that the mob gathered there can danger his life and hence he left that place.

• On February 17, 2006, the Chinkara case got Salman back into the limelight. He was sentenced to one year in prison for hunting the Chinkara, which is an endangered species. The sentence was stayed by a higher court during appeal.

• On April 10, 2006, Salman was sentenced five year jail term for hunting the endangered Chinkara. He was remanded to Jodhpur jail, and remained there until April 13, when he was granted bail.

The case came up for hearing today (Aug 24) and as things stand Khan will be heading to jail on Monday, August 27th 2007.

- Anju Gupta (SAMPURN)

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