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Saira Banu enters Hamaari Beti Raaj Karegi!

Saira Banu's entry in the Sahara One show will add some spice to the story line..

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Saira Banu, the veteran actor who has portrayed quality roles in Sabki Laadli Bebo, Behenein and a cameo role in Mrs. & Mr. Sharma Allahabad wale will now enter Sahara One's Hamaari Beti Raaj Karegi.

A source says, "Saira Banu has completed almost one month of shoot for the show and her track will go on from Friday's episode. Her character in the show is like an atom bomb  who can go to any extent to put forth her point. Basically she is very straight forward with her words and also stands for justice".

"She will ultimately be the person who will help Anjali (Akansha Juneja) and Nirbhay (Ravi Bhatia) to sort out their differences. The character will bring more spice in the show", adds our source.

We contacted Saira Banu and she confirmed her presence in the show, "Yes, I will be entering the show this week and I will try my level best to unite Anjali and Nirbhay again. It is a great and wonderful experience working with the cast of the show".

Let's wait to see how the show shapes up now..

Reporter and Author: Tejashree Bhopatkar

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larki_punjaban 9 years ago that seria concept is coppied by a paki drama rani beti raaj karegi..!....
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ganga16tr 10 years ago good luck saira.. loved her acting in laadli as rano's mom... shes was a real drama queen.. hope you all the best!
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babu gyal
babu gyal 11 years ago i hate her too she is too smart she only marry abhi to get popular because of big b and playing she so popular now, she was never after she and salman khan broke up dat survery wrong katrina way better than her she use her cunning ways of stickin abhi because rani was goin to marry him she wanted to be popular dats all an i from trinidad and tobago an no dat
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anushababli 11 years ago Yippeeeee! She has done it again. I am so proud to be her fan. It''s party time now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Ruhhee 11 years ago There are so many more prettier women who does so many hard and good work all around India she too over rated by the media its time to look beyound her and see how many othe women of substance is around doing better job than her....cause she is a bollywood actress not a good one i must say she is not the only Indian woman to win the the miss world take the media out of her life and she will be nothing...tell her to stop putting an accent when she speaks english...
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minioo1 11 years ago She is a good actress and def she is pretty... so she deserves all the positions

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NKSUDHIR 11 years ago I don''t like her bacause she is not a better actress than Madhuri and Kajol but she gets more publicity because os her looks. Her voice and giggles are so irritating but still I am happy for her success as she is my favourite HERO BIG B''s LADLI BAHU. With all the publicity and money she makes, she should do something good for poor people so that she can be remembered.
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Sexysuhu 11 years ago juzz HATE her
she has a lot of attitude
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FIRE&WATER 11 years ago i really lov ASH a lllllllllllllllllooooooooooootttttttt...........
i''ma great fan of her''s
that''s awesome
there is no doubt......she deserves it
and i''m very happy for her
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scorpio-girl 11 years ago dont like her, she has a bad attitude! thats not good for her..
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