Sagar Parekh "I got an amazing response to my first performance".

Sagar Parekh is one of the wildcard contenders who got an entry to the show through his performance last week.

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Sagar Parekh

Sharing his far journey in Jhalak he says, "It has been surprising and amazing. Almost like a dream because I am doing such things in life that I never imagined. And it is a surprise for me also. I didn't know that I could do such stunts and lift humans like that. Lifts and tricks, also dancing, on a professional level with every step in a professional way.” 

Asked about his first performance in the show, he adds, "I got an amazing response to my first performance. Everybody was shocked because, being a non-dancer, they were not expecting a lot from me. But my performance came out to be really surprising for them and it was amazing. Everybody loved it. I got encouraging comments from all the judges and the channel. And, of course, my fans loved it more than ever as they witnessed something for the first time.”


During his rehearsals Sagar also hurt his feet on which he says, "When I started doing Jhalak and rehearsing for the first time my skin below my feet got peeled off and I couldn't even walk. But these excuses were not going to help me in any way. I had to just keep on dancing and practicing and rehearsing. I had so many scratches on my hand. I had swollen legs and muscle strain injuries and so many things that the list is neverending. But with lots of hard work, dedication and consistency I continued. I had to prove to everyone that yes, I can do what I am doing and what I am here for.”

After doing Anupamaa, which earned him a lot of popularity as an actor, Sagar is working hard to showcase his talent in Jhalak. It’s time for his fans to show him the most support and help him through voting.

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