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SAB TV to extend its prime time for Ammaji Ki Galli!

Ammaji Ki Galli to be slotted at 7:30 pm slot from June onwards on SAB TV...


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Tellybuzz had already reported about SAB TV coming up with Ammaji Ki Galli with  veteran actor Farida Jalal, Rakhshandha Khan, Zia and Zyna and Abir Goswami in its cast.

And the latest we hear is about the channel making changes in its format to make way for Ammaji Ki Galli.

A source informs, "The channel has taken decision to extend their prime time slot which will now start from 7:00 pm. Ammaji Ki Galli is being slotted at 7:30 pm slot and the shows, Ring Wrong Ring (Monday-Wednesday at 7:30 pm) and Gili GilI Gappa (Thursday-Friday at 7:30 pm) which were will now shift to 7:00 PM slot from June onwards. The date has not yet finalized."

We too hear that shows like Ring Wrong Ring and Gili GilI Gappa by Garima Productions were on their verge of getting axed by the channel, but the recent developments have put a halt on the decision. But still there are chances of Gili Gili Gappa to go off air.

We contacted Shoma Anand (of fame Gili GilI Gappa) and she says, " No, our show is not going off air, but there would be a change in time from June onwards."

With this, even SAB TV will have its prime time slot from 7:00 PM onwards.

Reporter and Author: Tejashree Bhopatkar

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..Roopal.. 9 years ago Don;t ruin the current shows for a new show
..Roopal.. 9 years ago Please don't close gili gili gappa...i love the show...
Vaibhav.sharma 9 years ago actually i think Amma ji ki Gali shud b at 7 pm ppl who watch these shows will definitely not find it easy to make out time for 7 as its too early..
..Roopal.. 9 years ago NO NO NO NO NO
Gili Gili Gappa can't go off air
it is a very entertaining show
and it is far better than ring wrong ring
miggie 10 years ago he is one of my favourties, he is a great actor, love him as Gun Master G-9 and all his other movies
josh135 10 years ago nah..i dont think u r but ure son sure is.
andyreal 10 years ago Recently we can see him on Zee TV Reality Show Dance India Dance as Grand Master. Nice to see him on screen after such a long time. He is really great person
Ipshitaa 10 years ago I adored his role in guru...! Hez a good actor..!
Annu.. 10 years ago mithun da, loved ur honesty
u r indeed a very irritating personality
no doubt!
perfectlyflawed 10 years ago Agree with u Mithunda,u are really very very very irritating actor. But love ya positive spirit.
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