SAB TV launches Family Antakshari #Baithe Baithe Kya Kare!

SAB TV launches a family show Family Antakshari #Baithe Baithe Kya Kare to enjoy the weekends.

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The epic and much loved family show Antakshari which used to air almost a decade back is finally set to rule the screens again. Yes! This much loved show Family Antakshari #Baithe Baithe Kya Kare on SAB TV is the new season of Close Up Antakshari which used to air initially on Zee TV.

This new season has introduced some refreshing flavor in the show, in this season Anu Kapoor who has been the face of the show will be seated on the prestigious chair and the show will be hosted by popular RJ Mantra and will accompanied by beautiful multi-talented Sugandha Mishra.

The show will invite three families who will come to compete with each other and try to acquire scores in each round. The families will be divided in to three teams Aplam, Chaplam and Gaplum. There will be rounds such as Karaoke round wherein the participants will be shown songs with the missing words and they would need to sing the complete version.

Another round will comprise of enacting a famous scene or a dance step by the anchors Mantra and Sugandha. The participants will have to recognize the song or the scene and then sing it.  One round will be a fast-paced buzzer round where participants need to identify the tune and sing the correct song.

The most interesting and unique round will be 'AnnuJi Ki Gugly', where the judge Anu Kapoor will bring some twists and turns in the lyrics or the tune or may ask a question or give some clue to the participating families and they have to identify the correct song and sing to get points. With this round families can get the score maximum as the scores in this round will be given on the correct song as compared to the other rounds.

Well it looks quite interesting!

Neha Jain




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uhs313 6 years ago Love Antakshari...Enjoy it every time it is aired on TV... I have grown watching it... love it lots!!!
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