Saat Phere opts for a leap

The show will soon be seeing a gen leap... Initially Rajshree will be the part of it...

The Sphere Origin show, Saat Phere Saloni Ka Safar on Zee is now all set for a leap, with a kid making an entry into the show.

“Soon Saat Phere is going for a leap and initially Rajshree Thakur will be part of it,” says Abdul Karim, Creative head, Sphere Origin.

When asked about who will be replacing Rajshree as Saloni. “We have not yet decided as Rajshree is still shooting with us. She is part of the show till next year March, and that's a long way to go,” he adds further.

However, it looks like Mazher Sayeed, who essays the role of Saloni’s brother is tipped to leave the show. “I’m all set to leave the show owing to the leap. As it is there is not much work for me in the current track,’” says Mazher.

“I don’t want to portray the elderly role of a dad, as then people start typecasting you. Now I’m looking out for something new,” he adds further.

Another show goes for a gen leap!! Well let’s see whether it works or not!!!

Author and Reporter: - Rachana Trivedi

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Comments (6)

i jus hope they bring something new into the show

15 years ago

YYYYYAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWNNNNNNNN!!!!give me break how boring the serial should be shut down!!!

15 years ago

= ( This was the first Indian serial drama I watched and I loved it! Until, they just started messing with it. I haven''t been able to get that excited about it since the strike; and now a leap?!!? OH NO! That jes sux! = (

15 years ago

Indian shows are nothing but pure crap full of leaps today! lol

15 years ago

thanks im very happy that rajshri is not leaving the show very soon.

15 years ago

I get the fact that they want to do something to stop the TRP''s from falling.. But why is every serial taking a leap nowadays? :S And Saat Phere = Saloni, you can''t change the main lead..

Serials should end at this point.. End while it''s good! :)

15 years ago

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