Riya Sharma shines as Bijli in Sony SAB's 'Dhruv Tara'

Riya Sharma has been outstanding in her portrayal of Princess Tara on Sony SAB's 'Dhruv Tara - Samay Sadi Se Pare', winning the hearts of audiences with her grace and charm

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Dhruv Tara
Riya Sharma as Princess Tara in SAB TV Dhruv Tara. Image Courtesy: SAB TV

Riya Sharma has been outstanding in her portrayal of Princess Tara on Sony SAB's 'Dhruv Tara - Samay Sadi Se Pare', winning the hearts of audiences with her grace and charm. As the show unfolds an interesting tale of love and time travel, set against the backdrop of the 17th and 21st centuries, Tara's character has always symbolized royalty. When the storyline took an unexpected turn with Tara losing her memory, Riya Sharma bid farewell to her portrayal of Princess Tara and embraced the role of Bijli, a completely different character. 

While Tara is dressed in regal attire with detailed gold jewellery, Bijli, being a dancer, chooses vibrant and eye-catching clothing paired with simpler jewellery, reflecting her lively personality. Tara's sleek and carefully styled hair stands in stark contrast to Bijli's untamed and wild locks, which flow freely, adding to the difference between their appearances. Additionally, their personalities and mannerisms sharply differ as well. Bijli's loud, messy, and direct attitude contrasts with Tara's graceful and polite nature, creating a noticeable difference between the two characters. 

Riya Sharma faced a unique challenge while stepping into the shoes of Bijli as she had to embody a completely different persona while keeping the essence of the show intact. After portraying Tara for almost a year, Riya's dedication to her craft was evident in her portrayal of Bijli, bringing authenticity to the character. Now, with Bijli becoming just as beloved as Tara, Riya discusses her preparation for the role and shares her thoughts on the character.

Riya Sharma, who embraced the role of Bijli, said, “Bijli's character is really fascinating. When we were deciding how she should look, it was initially overwhelming and confusing for me because it was so different from Tara's. But I just adapted to it perfectly, whether it's the clothes, the makeup, or the character itself. During the scenes, Karan sir, who plays Suryapratap, and our director helped me a lot. Bijli is very lively, unlike Tara who is royal and elegant. I had to adjust my performance to be more subtle for Tara because she wasn't anything like me. But Bijli is a lot like my own personality, making it easy for me to relate and portray. It's been enjoyable playing this fun character. Fortunately, the response from the channel, production, and my producers has been very positive, and seeing the audience's reaction makes me even happier."

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