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Ritik and Rocky to KILL this Key Character in Naagin 2

Yes, you read that right! Arjun Bijlani is back!

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Colors' popular show Naagin 2 is all set to reach its finale, and given its ratings on the TRP charts, we are sure in for a treat with the end of the show coming near.

And, the latest we hear is that the end track of the show is likely to leave all the viewers in shock, and, a little heartbroken too! 

It will so happen that Arjun Bijlani aka Ritik will be back on the show and he will team up with with Rocky (Karnvir Bohra) to kill Shivangi (Mouni Roy). How will it happen and why will it happen is what will be worth the watch, but, not this season.

To reveal all those answers, Ekta Kapoor will come back with the season 3 of Naagin! Until then, rack your brains as to why did Ritik and Rocky kill Shivangi!


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Mages 3 years ago i don't know why after seeing the of the finale...i think ritik-rocky has a big reason to kill shivangi...the answer will be known in the way forget ArNi...KV-mouni chemistry...i am in love with kv-arjun would be awesome to see them casted together...i would love to see this brothers together
well-wisher 3 years ago If this spoiler is right then it's more than obvious that Shivangi will be killed by Ritik only to save her from some curse or something like that so that she can be revived again...what I mean to say it will be with good intention and not bad motive
Though chances are less but what if it's someone else in Ritik's disguise...
faria86 3 years ago If the news is true then to be honest i'm not happy with it for 2 reasons one Ekta ignored Pardes a lot so she can take Arjun back in naagin S3 which is totally unfair to all RaIna /Pardes fans & 2nd i don't want her to ruin ritik's character...what's wrong with Ekta
anyways Arjun Bijlani hope you are having a great day with ur family & friends
wish u all the best for ur future project & stay happy
L1115557 3 years ago This content is hidden.
QueenKordeilia 3 years ago A father is going to kill his own daughter? Umm, wow. This show wins the award for shittiest patents ever.
Yamini and Ankush tried to kill Ritik
Mahendra killed his wife, the mother of his own child
Manjusha and Ranveer let their daughter get involved in black magic and their son went to jail
And now Ritik is going to kill Shivangi
AnjanaYYZ 3 years ago This is one crack twist... the ML from s 1 & 2 kill the FL. Wow! Heroes aise hai toh villains ko kya kaam... S 3 can be hate story of SnEkta :P A naagiin who plots to destroy her own snaklets2017-06-15 17:10:55
Rein123 3 years ago Rithikn probably got pissed at shivangi because she was ready to spare his so called murderer just because he was her so called true love's father! But seriously this is one stupid twist! Why elsre will Rithik kill his own daughter? But I hope it isn't true! And if AB is coming back in season 3 then make him only the ML exclusively and not some annoying person called Rocky in the show!2017-06-15 14:45:52
Mages 3 years ago by the way if shivangi is killed...what are we going to watch in story b/w ritik-rocky
ILTHBEB 3 years ago N people truly watch this garbage!!!!! Unbelievable!
Changers 3 years ago Damn interesting twist to hook for S3. Waiting for the finale.
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