Rishi Kapoor URGES to consider Pakistani players for IPL!

Rishi Kapoor is back and this time he has got a request!

Veteran actor Rishi Kapoor keeps into the headlines for his remarks on different issues. His outspoken personality has earned him a number of controversies to his credit. As Indian Premier League (IPL) gears up to enthrall the cricket buffs soon, Rishi Kapoor has a made an appeal for considering Pakistani cricketers in IPL.

As per reports, Two Afghanistan cricketers Mohammad Nabi and Rashid Khan will make their debut in the T20 league tournament for Sunrisers Hyderabad this year.

On the occasion of the opening ceremony of 10th edition of the premier cricket tournament, Rishi tweeted:


The actor's tweet has come at a time when India-Pakistan relations is witnessing a phase of ruffled feather.

The 10th edition of IPL is set to air on Wednesday evening with Royal Challengers Bangalore playing Sunrisers Hyderabad.

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Rishi Kapoor

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Rashid Khan

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Though those players from the neighbouring country are not at fault, its high time that we need to cut off ties with them and respect sacrifice of our soldiers.

7 years ago

Lagta hai jawaani ke saath saath akal aur buddhi bhi dhal gayi iski!

7 years ago

Do we really need them in IPL...No ways...And Rishi Kapoor is such a senior actor...He should understand what to say and what not to say...

We have enough talent...We don't need them either

7 years ago

As a senior artist I respect him but his tweets shows his hypocrisy
Why these big Bollywood celebrity always support pakis
Maybe we r considered as big heart and we are but this didn't mean we will support those who had always back stabbed us
The way time and again pakis had insulted our sentiment we r not going to support them or there player or there artists
Jai hind

7 years ago

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