Ridhiema Tiwari on her iconic Role in Raazmahal -Dakini ka Kahar

Ridhiema Tiwari aka Chandralekha talks about her comeback in Shemaroo Umang show ‘Raazmahal’, her character, her look, fans’ feedback, and more.

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Ridhiema Tiwari

Shemaroo Umang's fantasy show ‘Raazmahal -Dakini ka Kahar’ recently witnessed the return of the most powerful character- Chandralekha. Chandralekha is back and how! Audiences are loving the new twist in the show and are elated to have actress Ridhiema Tiwari back in the show after a gap.

India Forums got in touch with the gorgeous Ridhiema Tiwari and quizzed her on her return to the show. When asked about her comeback in the show, Ridhiema said, “I have been feeling so grateful and so blessed to be a part of RAAZZMAHAL -Dakini ka Kahar. One of the most iconic powerful roles- the most sensuous, devious dark character that I have been offered to play by Rashmi Mam. Moreover, it’s a central character and the story revolves around Chandralekha. The super powerful mysterious beauty Chandralekha -the DAKINI possesses dark magical powers. The comeback however has a major twist. Might just throw the audience off their seats. For now, I will just say that Chandralekha ko samajhna mushkil hi nahi naamumkin hai. They better not miss any episode of the show now.”

On receiving immense love and adulation from fans for her character, the actress said, “What else does an actor desire, besides money? Appreciation. And this show has given me every drop of love from the audience and I want to thank my lovely audience for this. They not only expressed their excitement for my comeback but they have been going gaga over the look too. These days I live, eat drink, compliments, and in return bless them all to be so kind.”

When asked as to whom she gel along with the most, Ridiema said, “The entire cast is fabulous, fun-loving, and extremely hard-working. We put in long hours and help and motivate each other all the time. The costumes, language, scenes, and stunts require true love and passion for our craft to maintain the energy levels for 12 hours. I am extremely fond of my co-actor Arina who plays Mandakini and the best friend of Chandralekha in the show. She is super funny and extremely passionate just like me.”

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