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#REVIEW: 'Tu Aashiqui' exhibits a quintessential love story with a lukewarm impact

… But has the potential to excel if steered in the right direction.

Published: Monday,Sep 25, 2017 17:16 PM GMT-06:00
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Produced By: Guruodev Bhalla Productions Pvt Ltd

Cast: Jannat Zubair Rahmani, Ritvik Arora, Gauri Pradhan, Rahil Azam, Krishna Sharma.

Story So Far

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The story starts with Ahaan Dhanrajgir (Ritvik Arora) performing at a lounge, but he imagines himself to be at a concert living his dream of a being a rockstar. A few patrons at the lounge boo him which is followed by the revelation of how Ahaan was once a very popular name but is struggling right now.

After an unanticipated altercation with some objectionable men, Ahaan ends up in jail. His father refuses to bail Ahaan out, but his Bade Papa JD aka Jayant Dhanrajgir does. Jayant Dhanrajgir (Rahil Azam), who poses to be a good man is actually a cruel guy and this is revealed when he tortures Pankti (Jannat Zubair Rahmani), his mistress, to whom he refers to as Babu.

JD mistreats Pankti and throws her out of his car into muck which is the first time Ahaan sees Pankti too and is instantly mesmerized by her.

At the Dhanrajgir's, the music for their film is launched and Ahaan is asked all sorts of questions about his upbringing, his family and his failed career by the press which upsets him. His mother boosts his morale and encourages him that one fine day, a girl will walk into his life and will change everything for him. The next day Ahaan leaves to meet a music director, but when the photographer at the event collapses, he takes him to the hospital. 

Coincidentally, Pankti is exactly on the adjacent bed on the hospital. Her spiting relationship with her mother couldn't have been more evident as she ends up having 3 tubs of ice-cream on purpose to end up in the hospital.

Anita (Gauri Pradhan Tejwani), a failed actress of her time, lands up at the hospital and is shocked seeing Ahaan and Pankti speaking to each other. She shoos Ahaan away taking Pankti home followed by reprimanding her. At the Dhanrajgir's, Ahaan and Jayant have a conversation where he tells the latter about his coincidental encounter with Pankti in a cryptic manner.

And back at the Sharma's, Anita asks Pankti to get ready for JD's private party at the Malhotra house. In the party, Jayant insults Pankti as a sort of revenge and asks her to sing a song. Ahaan on the other hand sings at a birthday party next to the Malhotra house.

Fate strikes again and Ahaan walks over to the house hearing Pankti's voice. An old man present at the party tries to touch Pankti when she pushes him and runs into Ahaan. Ahaan tries to save her but gets beaten up by the bodyguards and falls down, thus making in for a filmy moment of the protagonists being separated.

What we liked:

The background score of the show is bang on along with the original soundtracks which means the show has managed to stay true to the concept of it being a musical.

Special mentions for actors, Gauri Pradhan, Raahil Aazam and Jannat Zubair Rahmani for managing to ace their characters amazingly.

What we did not like:

There were a few scenes that defied logic- like how not once but twice, Ahaan 'misses' seeing Jayant, when he is about to storm off from the place where he is about to meet Pankti. Infact, when he watched 'a man' go into a car and go away, how can he not know a car which belongs to his family.

Also, we saw that Pankti and Jayant Dhanrajgir completed one year of their togetherness which means that she was an adult when sold off to Jayant by her mother Anita. Which girl in Pankti's place would not oppose to her mother selling her off in the 21st century?

The male lead Ritvik Arora disappoints and this fact seems to get highlighted even more thanks to the splendid performances by the others.

Also, belonging to journalism, we couldn't help but be irked about the insensitive portrayal of journalists in the show. From asking embarrassing to unethical questions, the paparazzi in the show is shown to investigate in such a manner even family members would think twice to ask such nature of questions. There may be instances where a certain journalist may do that, but generalizing the same isn't justified.


A basic storyline been adapted with a few puzzling moments make Tu Aashiqui a dull watch overall. Having said that, If these elements are played smartly by the makers, then the show has potential to become popular and successful.

Ratings: 2 1/2 stars (**1/2) 

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mishaldw 5 years ago Going to see the show only because of Rahil Azam .was waiting to see him back.
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tehzeeb25 5 years ago So far only rahil is doing a GR8 job ... n gauri is also nice ...
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.928730 5 years ago This content is hidden.
MeowMori 5 years ago I would have probably liked this serial if the girl was 18+.
Jannat's age makes me vomit.
Parents shouldn't allow children to play such characters.
Reply thumbs-up 1 thumbs-down
Rein123 5 years ago @beyondhorizon Jannat herself doesn't mind playing an older character intact she herself was giving several examples and excuses like age is a number etc. on YouTube. So blaming her parents alone can be a little unfair...yes she deserves a normal childhood where she can hang out with others around her age but when she herself has dreams that are too big that she willing to give up her normal childhood for the same then how can we have a problem with it unless it compromises/undermines her performance as an actress?
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BeyondHorizon 5 years ago @Pirated_Fun - exactly. Jannat is just 14 and this role probably needed someone who was around 20. Her parents should be ashamed for letting her play such characters that are way more mature n older than her true age. I agree Jannat is talented n pretty but can't her parents allow her to have a proper childhood n have basic education? All these kids miss out on school in their growing years while their parents enjoy their hard earned money. Can't you work hard to give your kids a better life rather than make them slog for you to lead a luxurious life? I guess the blame will lie with Ekta for taking in young girls like Prachi Desai when they were in their teens to play bahu kinda roles and it's getting worse. Then it was Avika Gor n now Jannat.2017-09-25 20:24:05
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Pirated_Fun 5 years ago I feel sad, seeing a 14 years old Jannat playing a mistress, I mean what is her parents doing?
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abis.zaidi 9 years ago Wishing the show n the cast the very best :) !!!

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