Review: 'The Family Man S2' might just break the 'second-season-curse' in the best way

While the debate surrounding the 'problems' in the season continue, the fans are just elated that this time, it has indeed arrived and won't be subjected to any cuts, shutdowns etc.


So much delay, so much controversy and so much conversation later, The Family Man Season 2 has arrived. While the debate surrounding the 'problems' in the season continue, the fans are just elated that this time, it has indeed arrived and won't be subjected to any cuts, shutdowns etc.

Having seen four episodes, here's what we think of The Family Man S2.

The Plot

Starting off just where it left, and just a little fast forward into how Shrikant Tiwari (Manoj Bajpayee) has now reduced himself to a monotonous corporate job for the sake of his family while India and TASC now have another looming threat on themselves which is gradually gaining some momentum with some old enemies returning. Despite Shrikant's efforts, his family life is in shambles while his wife Suchi (Priyamani) is also struggling with her feelings for her husband and Arvind (Sharad Kelkar) as well. Will Shrikant be able to save the country from this new threat again? And will his marriage sustain this test?


The Good

What The Family Man does masterfully even in the second season is the impeccable humor it presents. The humor was on point in Season 1 and it has lived up, if not elevated this time around. The jokes, situations and even subtle humor is absolutely brilliant and at times, even ROFL, LMAO worthy.

The Season 2 curse might not be a case with this show as these situations in it's continuation doesn't seem forced. One of the biggest problems other major shows (with second seasons) have faced is either trying too much or not trying at all. The Family Man keeps a pace which isn't rushed and gives itself the needed time to get better. The USP of first season was always the humor meeting some kick-ass action - and that continues even here.


What The Family Man S2 does try differently though is - taking a dark route. Samantha Akkineni as Raji has some immensely disturbing scenes to portray and none of them are comfortable at all in the initial episodes. But it is done aesthetically and doesn't feel outlandish. Somehow, the balance is good as it shuffles between darkness, humor, some gore, action, thrill and even some really good family drama.


The Performances

It is a given that Bajpayee doesn't exhibit anything less than an absolute masterful act. As Shrikant, this time he has so much more to do where he perfectly showcases the plight of someone struggling with his job, his family and his longing to go back to 'real work.' Sharib Hashmi, Priyamani, Sunny Hinduja, Darshan Kumar and the rest of the supporting cast are also at their usual best and do full justice to their roles. Making her web debut and how is actor Samantha Akkineni. While her (makeup) darkened complexion might be jarring to some knowing her in real life - but this is a rare instance, where it is done well. The actor is absolutely fantastic as Raji, a 'movement recruit' who is alive for one and only one mission. What Akkineni does so well is be minimalist yet entirely impactful. Her silent expressions of fear, restraint, fierce power and vulnerability are so fine that she commands every single frame.


The Not-So-Good

If there's just some critique in the few episodes I have and that I can mark - would be the continuation of some arcs from past season. The Delhi threat cliffhanger of Season 1 seemed to have a rather anti-climatic end and while the questions are answered, the continuation of that seems a tad questionable (Cannot divulge more or else it will be a spoiler).


The Verdict

It would have taken a gargantuan effort for The Family Man S2 to doom owing to the brilliant makers - Raj & DK being attached to it. It is a gargantuan effort indeed but almost entirely in the best manner. The makers do absolute justice to the show and The Family Man Season 2 might just be the perfect candidate to break the 'second-season' curse. 

Rating - ** (4/5)

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Is it really necessary to keep a not-so-good section even when it is not needed...really guys...for once cant u call a spade a spade and admit that a show deserves full 5 stars

2 years ago

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