#REVIEW: 'Roop - Mard Ka Naya Swaroop' is a reflection of the plight of genders rightly narrated

It is the answer to why gender equality has turned into a fight.

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Roop - Mard Ka Naya Swaroop on Colors has been much talked about, given the kind of topic that it has touched upon. Through an 8 year old, what the makers are trying to essay are not only questions that need to be answered, but also puts a question mark on the entire foundation of patriarchy.

As the show enters into its second week, here's our review on what's good and what's not!

What's it about:

The episode begins with Jigna (Ananya Agarwal) announcing in the entire house that 'Baapji' has woken up, and this alarms Kamla (Mitali Nag) to do all the duties and keep every thing ready for Shamsher (Yash Tonk). 

Throughout the show, Shamsher is constantly seen bringing women down, and personifying all the patriarchal norms in the society. While, he would never hold Roop aka Roopendra (Afaan Khan) responsible for any of his deeds, all of the three daughters and his wife are all the root cause of every problem according to him.

Roop on the other hand has a rather unorthodox mentality and in fact, doesn't like the believed 'masculinity' being forced upon him. Over time, he continues to be the person he is, only, away from the eyes of his father.

The Good:

The rural setting justifies the orthodox mentality and all the male oriented rules followed everywhere.

Roop's ability to question why Palak is applauded when her hobbies aren't so female oriented but Roop is put down. SP Durga Devi's treatment towards Shamsher, on the other hand is a sign of what is to come in the future, where both the genders are head to head with each other.

While Roop talks about his hobbies, the entire class bursts out laughing because it does not match with the societal norms of things that are definite for boys and girls. It highlights how at an early age everyone is given a rule book, and, that is what culminates into every person's outlook as they grow up.

The fact that we aren't receptive to anything unconventional is beautifully woven into the story. A boy is expected to be tough and should do nothing that befits a girl. The show is a mirror to those who have retired to the age-old customs and norms. It exposes the orthodox mentality and patriarchy. 

The Not So Good:

Certain scenes seem exaggerated making it scarcely credible. For example - Poor Kinjal is asked to read the newspaper for Shamsher over studying for an oral exam in the school, and when she tries to say a no, she is threatened to be pulled out of school, it only portrays how it is so easy for men to bring women down, even if it is a 10-12 year old at the receiving end.

It would have served like a breather if the teacher and the principal of Roop's school had been a bit encouraging. Not even the teacher applauds Palak when her hobbies aren't so feminist but Roop is looked down upon considering the standards of the society. 


Afaan Khan as young Roop is a treat to watch. The innocence is right in place, and so is his acting. For a nine year old to be able to bring to the screens such complexities so perfectly is commendable.

Yash Tonk as Shamsher Khan is phenomenal, though his character isn't something that one might connect with, but the portrayal is brilliant. The fact that the viewers can come to hate his character is applaud worthy, because that does in fact need some skills. Also, the grasp over the language can't be missed, for no one would say a word against it.

Mitali Nag as Kamla has beautifully molded herself into the character and puts up a convincing act.

The supporting cast in the form of the three girls, and Kaushalya keep up with the plot just about right.


Roop - Mard Ka Naya Swaroop is the ideal reflection of the current scenario in the rural world. Through the story, the makers have indeed brought to light what the fate of women is in certain parts of India, and how pressurized males are since a very young age. Over the episodes to come, we are hoping to see a change in the plight of both through the show.

Ratings: *** (3/5 stars)

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