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#Review: Patiala Babes is a refreshing change amidst the supernatural shows

here's a review of the show. Read below to know whether to watch it or not..

Sony TV's new show Patiala Babes, created by Rajita Sharma marks the comeback of Jodha Akbar fame Paridhi Sharma, and this had everyone excited about the show since it's announcement. The show had already created a lot of buzz, even before its release and its trailer looked very refreshing.

The plot of the show revolves around a mother-daughter duo played by Paridhi Sharma and Ashnoor Kaur, who live in Patiala with their family. It's a heartwarming story where the mother is shown very under confident and reserved, and her daughter gives her wings to fly and move ahead in life.

What is the story?

Well, the first episode begins with Ashnoor aka Mini introducing the beautiful city Patiala where she lives. Then she goes on to introduce her family which consists of her Grandparents, Aunt and Uncle, and her mother who she calls babes'. Later she introduces her father who stays in London since 17 long years, and also reveals that he's coming to India to visit them the next day after five long years.

Mini is a bubbly, joyous girl who has many big dreams in her life, in fact she shares with her best friend that she aspires to become a travel photographer one day. She also loves her mother or should I call her babes' the most. On the other hand her mother is a reserved, orthodox and a simple woman who is patiently waiting for her husband living in London for years. She takes care of her in-laws and always stays cautious of how an ideal daughter-in law should behave. The mother-daughter duo is like best friends.

After the family introduction, come father's introduction, who stays in London and the big revelation is that he has an affair with a woman named Meeta. He returns to India to tell his family about it, but is a little reluctant. Mini feels a bit awkward around him for obvious reasons and thinks that he doesn't love her and her mother, though her mother constantly assures her that there's nothing like that.

Well, this gives viewers a little idea on how and where the story will lead.

What's good:

It's Paridhi Sharma's comeback after two years, and after Jodha Akbar people already had high expectations from her. The good news is, she has done full justice to her role as a timid and simple woman. Her expressions and her dialogue delivery is very convincing and she's a delight to watch on screen. Whereas, Ashnoor as mini is like a breath of fresh air. Her bubbly nature and adorable looks bring an element of freshness, though at some points she does overacts, but mostly she's wonderful. Rest of the supporting cast has done a fairly good job. The story may not be new, but its presentation is refreshing.

What's not-so-good:

Well, the writing definitely feels a little weak. Though, the plot is nice but without good writing it may flunk. The television right now is flooded with all the supernatural shows and all of them are highly likes by audience. So for a story like Patiala babes, good writing is must to survive.


All in all, the show is definitely very refreshing and feels new. The performances are good. If you want a break from all the supernatural stuff, this one is worth giving a try.


*** (3 and stars)

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BeaBea 2018-12-10T12:26:58Z This us a very realistic Story.. Hope it moves on nicely while it unfolds. Welcome back Paridhi Sharma
star2010 2018-12-03T07:58:32Z i agree starting 5 epi k story main kuch new nhi tha sometimes i feel ashnoor overacting kar rahi hai she treats her mother like lil baby jo awkward feel ho raha hai
Jannavi 2018-12-03T07:39:20Z In review What's good is well said patiala babes would be perform well in future as pari mam is there in the show
abhi786 2018-12-03T07:03:45Z The Show was good so far..Paridhi and Ashnoor chemistry was refreshing as mom & daughter..
Jannavi 2018-12-02T15:53:49Z Pari mam shows r always unique and looks really veryyy beautiful in patiala babes
AnyaRSingh 2018-12-02T14:10:58Z agree the supernatural shows are over if naagin wasnt bad enough now we have 30 diff shows consisting of witches, ghosts and all sorts of things...
Jannavi 2018-12-02T08:18:38Z I m watching and a warm welcome for paridhi mam , pari mam watching show now only 4 u
ltelidevara 2018-12-02T04:40:22Z Welcome back Paridhi Sarma for a decent come back with a content based show.
shwetadesh 2018-12-01T16:58:21Z What supernatural stuff yaar! Do you honestly think people believe in these high on TRP series? Those cannot be the choice of the classes than the masses who appreciate a simple yet refreshing story like patiala babes. Hats off to Shashank sir for bringing back the good old bygone era of the television watch which was a whole lot interesting then and I am beginning to feel hopeful as I watch PB with keen interest. Keep up the good work PB team! Love you Ashnoor Kaur.2018-12-01 17:08:10
Shaina_b 2018-12-01T11:31:48Z Unless they show the mother moving on in life, it is as same as other shows!!!

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