Review: 'Munjya' takes you on a fun & frolic ride into the eerie realm of Indian folklore

'Munjiya' offers a captivating journey into the eerie realm of Indian folklore, blending spine-chilling jump scares with a touch of humor.

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Munjya Review

Maddock Films seems to have a knack for innovation and pushing boundaries in the film industry. Introducing new genres and fresh concepts can really invigorate audiences and keep them engaged. The addition of 'Munjya' to the Maddock Supernatural Universe further cements their reputation for captivating audiences with innovative storytelling.

The Plot


The movie begins in 1952, telling the story of a young Brahmin boy deeply in love with a girl named Munni, despite his family's disapproval. When his mother finds out, she punishes him severely and forces him into a ritual ceremony. Driven by his love for Munni, the boy attempts a dangerous ritual in the jungle, hoping to secure their marriage by sacrificing his sister. But things go terribly wrong, leading to the boy's tragic death and his family burying him under the same tree where the ritual occurred. Fast forward to modern-day Pune, where Bittu  (Abhay Verma) , a shy and handsome cosmetology student, lives with his mother Pammi (Mona Singh) and grandmother. Despite his quiet demeanor, Bittu harbors strong feelings for Bella (Sharvari)  but struggles to express them. As old family secrets resurface during a wedding in their ancestral village, Pammi's reluctance and the grandmother's hidden fears come to light, especially regarding the chetuk-baari, where Munjya originated.

Bittu's uncle reveals a chilling truth: the grandmother is the girl who inadvertently caused her brother's transformation into the malevolent spirit, Munjya. This revelation forces Bittu to confront the sinister force head-on, leading to a supernatural struggle that results in the death of his grandmother. With Munjya now targeting Bella, Bittu must find a way to appease the spirit by locating Munni, who happens to be Bella's grandmother. Seeking help from an exorcist, Bittu faces an intense showdown to save Bella from Munjya's grip.

The Performances


The performances in Munjya are nothing short of extraordinary, seamlessly blending perfect doses of horror and comedy. The cast delivers standout portrayals that effortlessly oscillate between spine-tingling scares and side-splitting laughter.  Abhay Verma and Mona Singh are fantastic. Sharvari impresses as the love interest entangled in the supernatural intrigue, while Sathyaraj commands the screen with his portrayal of the experienced exorcist.

The CGI character Munjya is truly remarkable, seamlessly blending into the film's world with astonishing realism. Munjya's presence on screen is captivating, making it a standout element of the film that  enhances the overall viewing experience.

The Music and BGM


The film's music has already captivated the audience! Having both a catchy party number like "Taras Ni Aaya Tujhko" and a soulful romantic song like "Tainu Khabar Nahi" has created a well-rounded musical experience for viewers. The background score adds to the spookiness / 

Direction and Screenplay


Aditya Sarpotdar's direction and execution of "Munjya" are skillfully honed, providing audiences with a visually breathtaking and narratively gripping journey. Screenwriter Niran Bhatt breathes life into a tale envisioned by Yogesh Chandekar, pushing past the conventional confines of horror comedy to present something delightfully distinct. With its seamless blend of comedy and horror, Munjya offers a cinematic experience that's sure to entertain not just Gen Z, but audiences of all ages. Produced by Dinesh Vijan and Amar Kaushik, Munjya is poised to reclaim the glory of the horror-comedy genre, revitalizing and reinvigorating the cinematic universe with its blend of scares and laughter.

The Verdict

'Munjiya' offers a captivating journey into the eerie realm of Indian folklore, blending spine-chilling jump scares with a touch of humor. Make sure to stay until the end of the song 'Taras,' as it reveals how 'Munjiya' intertwines with the 'Stree' universe and the 'Bhediya' tale. Get ready for a dose of spooky humor that is to follow ahead. 

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