REVIEW: 'Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal?' lacks logic, but will make you laugh anyway!

From Lord Shiva's sudden presence to the not so accidental marriages, the show is something. Read on to know more.

"Sanchita Jhunjhunwala"
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Star Bharat's latest presentation, Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal is the story of Kanhaiya's (Maninder Singh) mother, Kunti Devi's quest of finding a sarvapann sampurn daughter-in-law. When her prayers are finally answered, turns out that isn't exactly what she asked Lord Shiva for. 

With 5 episodes into the show, here's what we have to say about it.
Story so far:

The show starts off with a dream where Kanhaiya (Maninder Singh) is getting married to a girl who has all the qualities that her mother Kunti has ever wanted for him. Kunti is seen boasting before her friends how her daughter-in-law is better than all the others, highlighting all the 5 qualities - beautiful, loving, religious, good cook, and well educated. However, this dream soon breaks and reality strikes.

It is a rather normal day for the family as the 272nd girl is going to come for an alliance. However, things don't turn out to be as expected and the situation takes an unexpected turn when Kunti calls the girl nirgun as she is about to almost tickmark the 5th quality in her notebook (yes she has a record of all of them). 

Following a heated conversation with the girl's family, Kunti walks off to the Shiva temple and rants before him in the most dramatic of ways. To her surprise, Lord Shiva does appear before her to grant her wish. However, she being herself is still hell bent on getting a daughter-in-law the way she pleases and tells Shiva the five qualities she wants. He does grant her wish but also warns her about the repercussions. 

The next morning, an alliance for Kanhaiya comes in the form of Pari, an extremely pretty and self-obsessed girl, whom the mother thinks is the grant from Lord Shiva and hence, in haste, gets the two married only to get a shock later. It is over a period of time that the two realise how the grant has landed them in trouble and Lord Shiva himself comes and tells them how over the next four days, Kanhaiya shall be introduced to the other 4 wives.

In no time, what Kunti thought to be a boon turns into a bane as in the most circumstantial of events, Kanhaiya gets married to not one, but five girls, each possessing the qualities that his mother wanted. 

The Good:

With a plot that showcases a comedy of errors, Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal is an entertaining watch and highlights issues which we might otherwise be totally fine with. For instance, the part where Kunti rejecting the 272nd girl talking ill of her and how her father shows her where she stands was one major high points of the show.

Though the show highlights religious beliefs in a rather overhyped way, it also talks about how it can also turn into a bane, and in fact, isn't always the first resort one should take to. At the same time, in a conversation shown between Shiva and Parvati, there is a reference to how the 6 of them are actually receiving exactly what they deserved, or in fact, what they asked for, which very much holds true. 

The Not So Good:

If we think of it, the show has a rather loosely based plot with many loopholes and a lot of scope for improvisation. There are instances that will have you laughing and yet be totally senseless. I say that because, had they been plotted with a little extra care, it would have made a worthier watch. For instance, just for the sake of it, getting Kanhaiya married after having him kidnapped isn't exactly what we'd want to see.

How the 5 girls ultimately get married to one guy post a dream that they saw where Lord Shiva asks them to marry Kanhaiya is so not the 21'st century. All of this might have made sense had this story been based a decade or two years from now. I mean c'mon, having hypnotized the groom by Lord Shiva and forcing him into marriage is too much to handle.

Not to forget, Kanhaiya's portrayal of a son who is indecisive and a man totally irresolute is yet another fallacy. And, I say that not because he is a man and he should always have a word, but because that indirectly promotes how marriage is not something that is sacred, but just another way to keep up with the status quo.

The Performances:

Mahinder Singh as Kanhaiya will definitely take you on a laughter riot in the show. His actions depicting a Meerut boy at 37, and a strong hold over his diction are both remarkable. And, the ease with which he manages all the situations on reel does come across as very effortless and natural.

Kanchan Gupta as Kunti has done justice to her role only because of her over the top acting. While at some places it does come across as unnecessary, her role does add its own essence to the show and so does her acting.

Kushal Punjabi as Lord Shiva is definitely the show stealer. In the scenes at very brief instances, his appearance does light up the entire mood for the viewer. (though it doesn't quite do that for those on reel)

Ojaswi Arora as Pari, the first wife, Astha Agarwal as Prarthna, the second wife, Radhika Muthulumar as Panjeeri, the third wife, Reena Aggarwal as Prema, the fourth wife, and Dharti Bhatt as Pratibha the fifth wife have just been shown in glimpses as of now, however, their character traits are indeed highlighted well, and that is what might make their presence a good watch.


Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal? is definitely an entertainer, but whether it is a worthy totally differs upon the treatment one might give to the show. For those who would like to watch a show that is content driven, this one is a total waste of time. But, if you're watching it because it is just another show on the TV (read: idiot box), then you're sure in for a laugh.

Rating: *** (3/5)

P.s: The show does make us wonder how no one bat an eye on it despite it promoting polygamy after all the hue and cry that was made about Pehredaar Piya Ki.