Review: ‘Kadak Singh’ swings between drama & thrill in a linear plot backed by Pankaj Tripathi’s conviction

‘Kadak Singh’ oscillates between being a family drama and a mystery thriller while having a linear approach of storytelling and is backed by Pankaj Tripathi’s conviction.

Kadak Singh

Kadak Singh

A man who is synonymous to impeccable acting- Pankaj Tripathi along with a budding star having a promising career- Sanjana Sanghi are on a quest to find the truth. Director Aniruddha Roy has his casting sorted, but does the right kind of actors always get the right kind of a script?

Pankaj Tripathi, known for his mastery in portraying simplicity, once again steps into the shoes of an ordinary man navigating everyday challenges in 'Kadak Singh.' The pivotal query remains: will this seemingly ordinary character astonish us with his extraordinary abilities, or will he be overshadowed by a lackluster plot?

Plot and Screenplay

Plot and Screenplay

Kadak Singh is centered around Arun Shrivastava(Pankaj Tripathi), portraying a man grappling with retrograde amnesia amid investigating a financial crime. Struggling to piece together his life before diagnosis and hospitalization, Tripathi's character embarks on a self-discovery journey, while his daughter, played by Sanjana Sanghi, endeavors to unearth the truth.

The movie commences with Tripathi's poignant poetry narration, signaling the depth of his performance. Despite occasional narrative shifts between past and present, the sharp editing ensures a seamless viewing without coherence issues. While the initial half may seem a bit low following a linear progression of storytelling, the second half builds up to a rather thrilling storyline adding bits of mystery to an earlier looking family drama.

Playing with the 'intrigue' and buildup

Playing with the 'intrigue' and buildup

Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury skillfully navigates the narrative, seamlessly oscillating between a linear storyline and interjecting mysterious elements. Particularly notable are the hospital scenes with Pankaj Tripathi, where his quest to connect the dots regarding his amnesia intensifies as the story unfolds. This intricate play between past and present not only enhances the overall intrigue but also propels the mystery to a level that surpasses the film's entirety.

The BGM and dialogues

The BGM and dialogues

The film's background music has a notable impact, contributing to a somewhat lackluster feel in the first half but aligning well with the unhurried storyline, adding both intensity and pace. Notably, the end credit scene, coupled with the song 'Tu Jo Hai,' infuses the space with a gratifying sense of closure. The movie's dialogues emerge as a robust element, firmly anchoring the narrative. This is particularly evident in the climax, where Pankaj Tripathi's address to the board members stands out for its impactful delivery.

The Kadak Singh -Pankaj Tripathi's show

The Kadak Singh -Pankaj Tripathi's show

In the portrayal of Kadak Singh, Pankaj Tripathi's performance, while not reaching the pinnacle of his illustrious career, showcases his trademark dedication and seamless execution. Tripathi embodies Kadak Singh's idiosyncrasies with finesse, whether engaging in light banter with the nurse, expressing vulnerability when disappointed by his daughter Sakshi, or navigating the complexities of amnesia. Tripathi's ability to depict the essence of a common man is striking, creating a sense that he effortlessly inhabits the role, almost as if he's merely being himself on screen.

Other Performances

Other Performances

Sanjana Sanghi, in her role as Sakshi, exhibits a commendable strength, skillfully capturing the character's emotions with precision. While her portrayal is sincere, there's a sense that additional layers and depth could have enhanced her character further. Parvathy Thiruvothu, portraying Nurse Mimi, injects a delightful and lighthearted element into the narrative.

Jaya Ahsan, embodying Naina with a Bengali accent, adds an authentic touch to the setting. Paresh Pahuja, in the role of Arjun Shrivastav, delivers a sincere performance marked by conviction. Varun Buddhadev as Aditya and Dilip Shankar as Tyagi contribute compelling acts to the ensemble cast.

The Verdict

Kadak Singh’ oscillates between being a family drama and a mystery thriller while having a linear approach to storytelling and is backed by Pankaj Tripathi’s conviction. 


***(3/5) stars

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