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#Review: 'India's Next Superstars' leaves you UNDERWHELMED, but has its moments

Some things are too cliche, while some are good..


After Zee TV had its acting show in the form of India's Best Dramebaaz, Star Plus now has its own, where children are replaced by adults thus presenting India's Next Superstars.

The premiere episode went on-air last night and I jot down the highs and lows of the show, and whether it is worthy of being the hit reality show the channel aims to get.

The Highs

Priyanka Chopra's guest appearance, a slimmer Karan Johar and Rohit Shetty's usual self were amongst the good moments for sure. In a show, where everything else looked repetitive and been-there-seen-that, Priyanka's presence was a treat along with Rohit and Karan's judgement really making sense and not being run-off-the-mill.

There GENUINELY are some good actors and performers in the lot, with special mentions for Natasha Bhardwaj and Karan Talwar among a few others. They do have the acting chops and the dancing talent and what it takes to be Bollywood material. So, to see that the show has actually managed to get a few worthy performers is heartening.

Rithvik Dhanjani and Karan Wahi's hosting skills are no secret to anyone and this is yet another feather to their caps. They are effortlessly fantastic and their bromance and comic timing keeps a smile on your face constantly.

The Lows

One of the most cringing visuals in a reality show is the 'acted reality' AVs that roll when a contestant's background is being introduced. I get it, some have a difficult background from which they have reached here, but to cry about it on an AV along with  a pathetic background score is as infuriating as it can get. Isn't that AV supposed to be real? Fortunately, the over-acting that contestants are made to do is not the parameter for their innings in the show.

The change of concept to make it a reality-cum-fiction show makes you go 'Blah!' Apart from the reality that you will see on weekends, when they will perform in front of the judges; you will get to see several tasks and short acts with drama and fights between those contestants between Mondays to Fridays.
Need I say anything else? If you were sad Bigg Boss Season 11 in ending tonight, you may just see flickers and a pinch of its flavour in this show.

The Verdict

At the end of it all, India's Next Superstars does have some novelty to itself, but the packaging of the show is done as just another reality show on the block, which may not work in its favour.

With a few genuine acting talents and otherwise repetitive segments, India's Next Superstars can be given a skip on weekdays and may treat you on weekends.

Rating - **1/2 (2.5/5)
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uscgirl 2018-02-17T20:05:51Z The show is hilarious with the hosts like Karan Wahi . The family coming on the show is boring. The contestants are very talented, I would suggest just skip the family part lets just keep real competition. I like the skits they do on the weekends. Again, hosting is superb! Cant stop laughing they are so funny!
lincolnshire 2018-02-12T18:23:20Z Get some other judge than KJO. I am sure there are better people out there to judge shows
Oye_Chup_Kar 2018-01-14T00:39:50Z Terrible show! I watched it outta boredom. But heck it increased my boredom to next level. Couldn't sit for more than 20 mins. Plus the adult jokes by KJo were pathetic!

Only positive thing was Priyanka Chopra!

Its just a mixed of various reality shows like =India's Next Top Model+Roadies+India's Dramebaaz+DID.

Sure shot flop.2018-01-14 00:40:48
geek2 2018-01-13T19:37:34Z Is this a family show? If yes then Karan Johar should not be part of it.
His mind is only on one track, cheapest jokes that have double meaning.
He should be banned from hosting shows that involve young kids .
PRINCESS_ALISHA 2014-05-16T02:50:40Z honey sing should stick to his singing only. Dard dilo ke is the only song which i am humming right now.
Mrs.K.B.Sobti 2014-05-16T01:24:52Z the most shocking and confusing thing that I learned from this article was that Irrfan Khan was in this movie! He was here as a guest. but still, WHY?

Everything else doesn't surprise me one bit.
Cshafkat 2014-05-16T00:44:18Z Who made Himesh an actor? No doubt his music is amazing but acting is not for him. It was expected that this movie was gonna be crap!
gatthelli 2014-05-16T00:36:43Z Stilhaus Kitchens Review
This Forum is probably the best forum that i have ever used and i would just like to say how proud i am to be a member of this forum
2014-05-16 00:33:50
-Saba- 2014-05-16T00:12:11Z it was well known
this movie never gonna worked
-HJ- 2014-05-15T23:14:11Z Arey why Himesh is hell bound on making films when he knows he cant act.
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