#Review: Deepika Singh's Return in 'Kawach - Mahashivratri' Takes The Cake Above Everything Else

The actress is back in a rather simple but effective tale...

If you feel an overdose of the supernatural genre already, well, you are in for a ride that will continue. In mere minutes after the Naagin 3 finale, Ekta Kapoor certainly doesn’t want to settle back for a minute as Kawach is back with a new season and an entirely new cast too. Titled Kawach – Mahashivratri, this show marks the return of Diya Aur Baati Hum fame actress Deepika Singh along with Namik Paul and Vin Rana as the male leads. So, what is this new season about and what were the high points of the premiere episode? Let’s find out.

The Return Of Deepika Singh

The biggest positive for the show was the build-up to Deepika Singh’s return to the small screen after her leading stint in Diya Aur Baati Hum. The actress has been through several developments in her personal life which includes her marriage and giving birth to a child. However, the actress looks more radiant and pleasant than she ever did. She also has the lucky charm of the character name of ‘Sandhya’ with her in this show too and in the premiere episode, she is easily the best aspect. Be it her scenes of getting scared or her sheer presence, Deepika seems in good form in her return.


The Surprise Cameo

The show literally begins with the first frame of actress Yogita Bihani, who we best know as the leading lady of Dil Hi Toh Hai. It is her character that commences this tale of the God v/s evil and even though she is there only for a few minutes in the beginning, not only does her character set the tone for the plot ahead but keeps you glued to the constant references that are made to how her life ended at the night of Mahashivratri.


The Tale Is Simple

While Kawach… Kaali Shaktiyon Se had a rather complicated storyline to begin with, the tale for Kawach Mahashivrati is rather simple just like the title suggests. Don’t mess with the ghosts during Mahashivratri – Simple. The ghosts are set free as Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati dance their way on the even of shivratri thus giving the license to the ghosts to create wrath as much as they want. And while Yogita’s character does the deed of messing with them and thus dying that is also what happens with Sandhya’s sister, Ranjana later. Fortunately, Ranjana doesn’t die but is scarred. Learn your lessons already!


White Walkers & The Walking Dead

The ghosts are whatever you call them. White walkers wouldn’t be the fair term as these guys wear good clothes, so let us just call them zombies who can walk like those from the series, The Walking Dead. While that touch is good, it obviously isn’t even remotely scary at all, owing to how every frame of the camera already shows you what is happening behind. Nevertheless, the scares aren’t impactful at all but kudos to the make-up and prosthetics team who do a phenomenal job in getting the actors ready for their undead stint.


The Good Man & The Mystery Man

Namik Paul as the strict boss Angad doesn’t have much to do in the first episode apart from being easy-going which the actor excels at. Of course, his brooding looks and height certainly help him in every possible way but even with a character who has a single note to play, Namik does well. Coming to the other male lead, I did not anticipate Vin’s character to even have a glimpse in the premiere episode considering his role is a mystery and it may take a while to be unveiled. But that wasn’t the case as the prophecy about Sandhya watching the peek of her destined husband happened in the first episode itself, just like the promo. Sandhya danced her way in the shiv temple and soon she caught the sight of Vin Rana too thus unfolding things rather sooner than expected.


Setting Up Things Well

I, in fact, liked the fact that they haven’t complicated things for this season and kept the base plot as simple as you can imagine it to be. It is good to have an easy base to work with and later present all the many twists and turns ahead especially when you have a supernatural thriller at the display. Here’s hoping the show only gets better ahead.


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Nidhi Shah is the best in Kawach. Want to see her in a lead role.

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A complete bogus show......jai ho ekta mata ki

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