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Review: Colors' Vish Makes For an 'Intoxicating' Watch!

Colors' Vish is the story of a Vishkanya who carries poison of different creatures within her body...


Colors TV’s Vish starring Debina Bonnerjee, Vishal Vashishtha, Sana Mabkul and Krrip Kapur Suri went on-air yesterday replacing Adaa Khan starrer Sitara: Vish Ya Amrit. The show follows a basic plot of the age-old mythical Vishkanya who possess poison of all the poisonous creatures. This show is a revenge story too and has several mysteries and thrills involved. It is also Debina’s full-fledged comeback on the television and is produced by Peninsula Pictures. Vish airs on Colors from Monday to Friday at 10:30 PM. 

Here’s a quick review of the show…


The episode starts with Dr Subhash, all stressed and worried, driving his car. Accidentally his car hits a woman. When he steps out to find the condition of that woman, he is shocked to learn that she is a Vishkanya. Later on, he gets killed by her. The story moves forward and the female protagonist is introduced, Dr Aliya Sanyal who is happy about her new job in Bhairav Island’s Kothari Estate. But she is warned by a shopkeeper who overhears her conversation by calling Kothari Estate 'surrounded by evil energies'.

Aliya reaches the Kothari Estate. At this point, we are introduced to Sabrina who comes out of the swimming pool in a stylish manner. Aliya learns all the rules and regulations from Sabrina who also makes her meet Mohit (her husband). Aliya has to look after him since he is bedridden. Here begins the mystery when Aliya realizes that Mohit is attacked with the same poison like that of her father and she is in a dilemma.

Later, Sabrina throws a grand party on the occasion of Mohit’s birthday. Here we meet, the spoilt brat, Aditya who dislikes Sabrina. He feels that she is a gold digger and purposely drops her while dancing. He insults Sabrina too. Meanwhile, a guest tries hitting on Sabrina and follows her when she leaves the party.Here the biggest truth is revealed that Sabrina is a Vishkanya who kills the guest too, by removing his heart from his body…

What we liked:


Debina gets into the character of Sabrina really well. Her expressions, especially her eyes are convincing. Sana, on the other hand, has that curiosity to know about the mystery of her father’s death while keeping up her jolly charisma alive. She manages to equalize Debina’s antagonism with her performance. Aditya has played the spoilt brat aptly, but what we notice is there is an anger, doubt and several questions behind the way he is living. Overall no scenes are looking tailor-made, they feel natural.



It’s too quick to judge the cinematography with one episode but what we loved was the Bhairav Island’s introduction. Even Aliya sitting near the pool and looking at her reflection in it and Sabrina coming out of it was neatly shot. Our favourite was Aditya’s introduction as he comes out of his private jet.


It is visible that proper care has been taken for the costume. The dresses are enhancing the beauty of the scene. Sabrina has the most stylish costumes in the show.

Sound Track

The background music during Sabrina’s entry is adding to the show's narrative.

What we didn’t like:

The scene where all poisonous creatures cover Sabrina’s body looked a bit creepy. We feel that the first scene could have been better and may be established Vishkanya with more depth. It would have been better if Krrip’s character would have got at least a mention in the first episode. Apart from that VFX editing can be improved slightly. We also feel that few more characters could have increased the intensity and mystery of the show. 


The show is a supernatural mystery thriller and will keep you hooked to the television. Debina, Sana and Vishal have played their parts really well. For all the ardent fans of the supernatural and thriller genre, this show can be your next watch.


*** (3 stars)


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cuteariya 2019-06-16T16:00:00Z Totally love debina & sana💖 Debina as Sabrina is amazing she is evil smart clever😈👍 On the other hand Sana as Alia is cute innocent & curiosity to know everything😉😘 Over all very thrilling show I just wish the makers would have sign shaleen opposite sana🤞🙏 Anyway Vishal also doing great as Aditya👍
Alpha_Ka_Gamma 2019-06-11T11:36:29Z Show has that high standard and can compete others in same genre. Loved the plot and mystery around Kothari Estate and it gave creepy feeling.
sakshi14 2019-06-11T10:49:36Z Vishal Vashishtha was too good as Aditya loved his scenes 💯
Lady_Bheem 2019-06-11T10:44:42Z Vishal vashishtha was awesome in the show.
Khushix29 2019-06-11T10:32:11Z Watching Vish for Vishal Vashistha and he's so far good as Aditya. Loved his introduction scene.
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