Review: Chandra Nandini is another masterpiece from Ekta Kapoor after Jodha Akbar

Ekta Kapoor capitalizes on her forte and it doesn't dissapoint..

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Produced By:Balaji Telefilms

Cast: Rajat Tokas, Shweta Basu Prasad, Papia Sengupta and Arpit Ranka and others.

Story So Far:

The kingdoms of Magadh and Maurya are on friendly terms until treachery breaks them apart. The Magadh king Shishunath invites the Maurya king Suryagupt and his pregnant wife Moora (Papia Sengupta) over for the Vasant festival. It is then revealed that Maharani Avantika (Mansi Sharma) is having an affair with the common man Nand (Arpit Ranka). Suryagupt gets to know about this but Nand kills Shishunath where Suryagupt and his wife are framed for the murder. Suryagupt and Moora escape, but are caught. Suryagupt hides his wife but is killed. Moora delivers a son and names him Chandragupt, but not before making a promise that Chandragupt will return and avenge his father's death from Nand. Nand then usurps the throne and makes Moora a prisoner with an intention of making her his queen, but not before Moora securely hides her son Chandra from Nand's goons.

A leap of 14 years is shown, where Nand, now Maharaja Padmanand, has taken over Magadha. He has burdened his subjects to taxes and atrocities which have no end. But he has one weakness and i.e. his daughter Nandini. Nandini is the one thing that Nand loves more than anyone else. A young Chandra, is taken in by a barren couple and where his mother loves him, his father despises him and expects him to earn so that he can have his daily dose of Madira.

In the meantime, Chandra comes across Amatya Rakshas, whorecognizinghis courage, gives him a 'swarnamudra' that would help him gain entry into Pataliputra. Chandra gets beaten up repeatedly by his father, just to save his mother. On questioning, his mother reveals that she cannot leave his father because she loves him. A young Chandra, watching all this, decides to never fall in love. He promises his mother that he would earn so much of wealth that he would throw it on his father's face and take her away.

Chandra reaches Pataliputra, where he witnesses the common man being subjected to atrocities. He also comes across Moora, who is being publicly beaten up. Unable to bear it anymore, Chandra saves her. He comes face to face with Padmanand and questions him about the happenings of his kingdom. An arrogant Padmanand dismisses Chandra. Chanakya, who gets word of Alexander soon planning to invade and take over India, seeks an audience with the king, but is insulted by Padmanand in return. That is when Chanakya, foresees Padmanand's downfall.

What we liked:

The story narration has been kept fast and crisp. Only key details that are required to build up the storyline have been narrated. And not to mention, each and every actor including the supporting cast, have enacted their scenes to perfection. Alex O'Neill as Alexander, Papia Sengupta as Moora and Arpit Ranka as Padmanand, all excel.

What we did not like:

There is actually nothing major that we did not like. You see, unlike in her supernatural shows, Ekta Kapoor goes all out with her mythological shows. Just that the makers seem to have taken too much inspiration from Bahubali. The scenes, where Chandra is born and the karawas', where Moora is imprisoned, are clearly a copy from Bahubali.


To sum it up, the perfect performances, the uncomplicated storyline and not to mention, the intriguing promos, have worked in favour of the show. Plus, tomorrow's episode will witness the grown up Chandra and Nandini marking the entry of Rajat Tokas and Shweta Basu Prasad. Ekta Kapoor sure knows how to present her mythological shows and does not disappoint us.

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Comments (37)

The actors Rajat Tokas and Shweta Basu Prasad are actually keeping the show alive. Their chemistry is truly amazing.

Hope the storyline improves and the majority of the audience finds it as gripping as I do!

7 years ago

From what history I know of Chandragupta Maurya, his wife's name was not Nandani. But maybe they are using that name as an indication of "Daughter of Nanda empire", which CM toppled with Chanakya. I have not seen this show, but I know Rajat Tokas is a good actor. Have seen a bit of JA. Will check this out. I know this show will not be historically accurate. Even CAS was not. Only some parts where. So as a history lover I find that aspect disappointing. But I am sure the performances are great!

7 years ago

looking forward to see some awesome scenes with Raja Tokas and Shweta Basu Prasad

7 years ago

Rajat Tokas you entry was simply outstanding!!! it was one of the best entries you...

7 years ago

ShweRaj's chemistry will surely be rocking! Shweta and Rajat are doing great jobs!!

p.s. which show shows history nowaday? every show has it's own imaginary version. Atleast in this show we have amazing actors! best wishes tot he team! :)

7 years ago

love u rajat tokas & ur the best.

P.S.:- well sum people really need stop "worrying" about rajat. his success or failure isnt a loss or profit for anyone. its better sum people worries about success or failure of "sumone" else.

7 years ago

I am lovn the user comments more than this terrible review

7 years ago

new journey of Rajat Tokas starts from today..all the best to rajat tokas...will be watching the show just to see your acting

7 years ago

That woman must have failed in history to come up with something as shitty as this and the writer is clearly smoking something illegal to write this shitty article. History is butchered so badly that I really have no words for it. Please uparwaley band karwao is utter bakwaas ko!

7 years ago

I cud not watch dis show after 2nd epi. Poori history ka maa-behen kar diya Ekta ne. Chandragupta bachpan se royal nahi tha but vo ek gareeb ghar ka ladka tha. Dhananda ko Padmananda bana diya. Dhananda bachpan se royal tha par cvs ne use pehle naukar banaakar raja banaaya. Jise bachpan se royal dikhaana chaahiye tha use naukar dikhaaya starting me aur jise bachpan se royal nahi dikhaana chaahiye tha use bachpan se hi royal dikhaaya. Durdhara ko Nandini bana diya aur uske 9 bhai bhi bataaya gaya hai jo sach nahi hai. Jodha Akbar actually showed truth at least till more than half of d show but Chandra Nandini is showing false stories 4m d beginning. They r making Chandra to luk like some villain wen in reality Chandra was not someone to take a king's revenge on his daughter n marry her for dat. Moora existed but there was no Suryagupt in history.

7 years ago

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