#Review: 'Born Free' is a meaningful version of your GOA PLANS!

A very relatable story...

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Ultra Shorts is back with another short film titled 'Born Free' that sets out to recreate the idea of freedom through a trip! This time around they have Sumeet Vyas and Mukti Mohan in lead roles.

Sumit Vyas, an Indian actor, and writer is known for his contributions to web series such as 'Permanent Roommates' and 'Tripling' features Samarth and Mukti Mohan, a contemporary dancer and actor (she has been a part of various reality shows such as Jhalak Dikhla Ja and Khatron Ke Khiladi) as Vanya in the film. Here's how it all went down-

The Plot:
Born free begins with a flight directed to Goa. The main characters Vanya and Samarth meet on the flight and their plane journey is so relatable.  

At it's earliest stage the film reveals it's theme- getaways and finding yourself. There's talk of why the three chose to travel to goa and their answers are poles apart. Vanya is a travel blogger who sets out on a whim, Samarth is a typical suit headed to a business conference and their pesky co-passenger at 55 is there to finally live out his GOA experience! 

Samarth being a corporate suit has worked for years on a product that is finally about to launch. He is stiff and a major contrast to Vanya who rides off for a day by herself. 

The world Samarth represents is monotonous, boring and now that he has finally seen someone who lives life on her own terms, he begins to do a double check on his own purpose. He begins to question the efforts he has put up in his corporate career and the dilemma is evident in his behavior as his boss begins to show indifference in the product he worked for two years to finish. 

Then comes this encounter that changes his path completely. He decides to take up Vanya's offer to meet up and experience the real Goa. It is here that he decides that it may not be too late to change his life. 

What's good?

We love how the elderly man on the plane represents that one Goa plan that never works out. He drops quite a few words of wisdom like "Jab jaago tab savera" and "Apni kismat banani padti hai"

Mukti Mohan is absolutely charming. She is free-spirited, bubbly (but not too much) and plays her part without over-playing it. She is a major influence on the lead when she says "Salary is the price you pay to compromise on your dreams" as she delivers the final lines that lead our lost protagonist to end his monotonous work-life. 

Another interesting thing is the progression of the angst and confusion shown in Samarth's character. The directors have made use of the worm's eye view and the camera angle is perfect to show the weight Samarth has been carrying around, his world crumbles in the realization of his product launch falling apart as his boss tries to take over it.  

What's Bad?

The film shies away from giving us something new. On the whole, the short story is about a guy wanting to escape his 9 to 5 job and being trapped in his own pigeon hole. He then has a typical revelation in the most typical of all locations attached to freedom- GOA! It couldn't get more predictable. This is precisely where the film fails. What's relatable is bound to be foreseeable. 

The verdict: 

Within the short series, the characters progress and support each other. The words on the flight encounter shape the theme of the rest of the film, Vanya's invitation to join her and the boss's part in breaking the final link is perfectly timed in the concise show. While the story is not new the film did it's best with what it got!

We like how the location, Goa is used and linked seamlessly with freedom and just letting loose. It fits with the theme as everyone at some point or another has experienced how freeing the beach location can be. However, there could have been a lot more to boost the very relatable concept. 

Ratings: *** (3/5) 

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Wonderful film - submit vats and multi Moran rocked it.

6 years ago

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