#Review: Black Coffee is an alluring HIGH on Caffeine and Chemistry!

Param Singh and Harshita Gaur stir quite a sensual brew on screen...

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Some web series rely completely on unconventional tones while some keep the conventions that everyone loves with an addition of the newfound uncensored liberty. Black Coffee can be seen as the latter one. Black Coffee by Beyond Dreams Productions which features Sadda Haq fame Param Singh and Harshita Gaur was truly one of the most anticipated series. And we are giving you an insight on what worked for us and what didn't.

The Story So Far...

The plot revolves around Dhruv Narang (Param Singh) and Hemal Shah (Harshita Gaur) who stand in complete contradiction to each other's character. Dhruv is a contemporary romance novel writer, whom Hemal's boyfriend ardently follows. Hemal is a practical chartered accountant with a heavy Gujarati accent. Dhruv is on the look-out for a new heroine for his upcoming novel and that's when Hemal is sent as an assigned accountant to take charge of his finances.

Hemal absolutely hates the idea but, is pressured by her boss into taking on the project. After the first meeting, Dhruv is hooked onto the thought of using Hemal as his protagonist and for that he needs her to continue working with him. Hemal's boyfriend proposes marriage and she's seen wearing the ring in the next frame. However, in her second encounter with Dhruv, they end up kissing each other.

Dhruv is thrilled to find that he has someone to write about and after several shots of black coffee in the frame, we are left with a visual of the write-up's first page.

The Good

Param and Harshita have a palpable chemistry and it sizzles on screen. A huge shout-out to Harshita Gaur on mastering the Gujju accent. We like the uncensored raw-cut feel of the series and are definitely intrigued after watching the first two episodes. The winner is the casual charm of the stars and the quick pace of the show.

The Bad

Param Singh post his stint in Ghulaam seems to be in more of an ice-breaker phase for his character. Another let down was the over-use of Gujju stereotypes, the mention of sensex, dhokla and thepla looked a little too pretentious. While the show seems to have a cool fast pace, we hope the cliched story of a mis-matched pair doesn't take over.

The Verdict

Black Coffee is a fun, quick-watch (considering its episodes are timed at 15 minutes) and it does have an original air about it. We enjoyed the performance and the sensual brew stirring within the span of just two episodes. The very obvious promotional shots of coffee didn't bother us much but, the show could have done a better job with coffee metaphors than Dhruv conveniently using the coffee on his table to label his next book.

It's hard to tell if the show will progressively improve, and from what we've seen, there isn't a great deal of intrigue built. However, if the plot has it's own twists up ahead, we may just get hooked on it like a regular dose of caffeine and hope it isn't lethal.

Ratings: ***/5 (3/5)

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Loved this #BlackCoffee
Waiting for episode 3

6 years ago

Last comment for my Parsh.
Param Singh Harshita Gaur Ruval

6 years ago

Param Singh and Harshita Gaur, the best TV have.

6 years ago

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6 years ago

No comments on the Buzz!! Good for the writer if we don't And Param Singh has been magnificent in his part of the play, Harshita Gaur compliments him, this is Black Coffee for you!

6 years ago

Param Singh and Harshita Gaur

6 years ago

Param Singh
Harshita Gaur
The best!!

6 years ago

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6 years ago

Wishing Harshita Gaur and Param Singh all the best for next episode on Black Coffee.

6 years ago

Param Singh is amazing.
Harshita Gaur is outstanding.

6 years ago

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