Review: Bestseller is a fine thriller with finer performances by Shruti, Mithun, Arjan, Gauahar & Satyajeet

(****(4/5)) Bestseller lives up to the expectations that have been riding on it post the trailer and we think that every thriller fan must watch out for this series, if not for anything else, then the fine performances that every actor puts in.

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Bestseller review

Produced by Siddharth Malhotra’s Alchemy Production LLP and directed by Mukul Abhyankar, the Amazon Original series boasts of a talented ensemble star cast including Mithun Chakraborty, Shruti Haasan, Arjan Bajwa, Gauahar Khan, Satyajeet Dubey and Sonalee Kulkarni in prominent roles. 

Narrating a one of its kind story, the synonpsis of the series reads: Tahir Wazir, one of India’s most celebrated novelist has failed to write anything for a long time since his last book became a bestseller 10 years ago. He seems to have hit writer’s block and needs inspiration. Meetu Mathur, a young, innocent girl comes into his life one day seeking his blessing. She is his huge fan, a writer herself, and she needs his guidance. Tahir finds the needed inspiration in her life’s story and starts writing his next novel based on it.

About the same time, Parth Acharya joins his wife Mayanka, a celebrated ad film director as her assistant but seems to have something vicious planned for Tahir Wazir. What starts off as a simple war of words leads to chaos, drama, and death. As the events unfold, ACP Lokesh steps in to investigate and unravel the mystery. Will Tahir be able to write another bestseller? The 8 intriguing, mysterious labyrinth-like chapters will give the answers. 


Arjan as Tahir makes for one of the most pivotal roles, given that everything happens around him. While he makes you hate him and dislike him to the core, he has gotten into the skin of this writer, perfectly and with absolute finesse. Arjan's performance in the series is riveting and one that adds to the entire thrill, much like the writing is intended to. Probably the only one moment we love him for who he is, is when he says ''Angrezi nahi aati toh kabhi maafi mat mangna.'' (don't apologise for not knowing English)

Arjan Bajwa Bestseller

The show does have ample of performances that have been nailed to the T, and another much loved personal favourite includes Mithun's ACP Lokesh. He does step in just a while later, but when he enters and every scene after, he owns it and how. It's almost like you don't expect anything but the best from him, and he delivers. While everyone might seem like my favourite, Satyajeet Dubey as Parth, is another character that keeps you hooked, has layers to it, and every time his character answers a question, it also leads you to a new one. And keeping that mystery intact, is an absolute beauty that the actor has managed just about right.

Gauahar as Mayanka, is a character that many would relate to, and while it also has its layers, the nuances that Gauahar has picked and the beauty with which her character is written, is what make her likeable. While on one hand, you feel sorry for her, on the other, you also relate to her, and that's a quality that we definitely want to see more of in every character in every show.

Not enough can be spoken about Shruti Haasan's Meetu. While you will keep unearthing different mysteries to her character, you will be stumped at how everything plays out, and to top it all, the actress aces the performance. Her role truly did demand a little more intensity than the others and she has stood her ground beautifully.

Last, but definitely not the least. Sonalee has also put together a fine act, supporting Mithu's Lokesh, but also managing to stand out, even though it is quite a task when you share screen space with this legendary actor.

The Good

Mithu Chakraborty

Due credits must be given to the writing, for it has beautifully brought together everything that you see on the screen. Althea Kushal and Anvita Dutt have managed to bring alive these stories as close to reality as possible. The direction and cinematography do complement the entire look and feel of how the stories move forward.

Another plus for Bestseller lies in the fact that it does not try to hard, and the natural pace of the show, the character arcs, all come together while making sense, and keeping in tact the behaviour and patterns that one would see in a psychological thriller. Since the series taps upon a subject which isn't explored much, it also provides room for experimenting, and it seems to have worked. 

The actors have all done a great job, and performances make this beautifully written series an almost perfect score. 

The Not So Good

The only possible issue that many might find worrisome here, after 4 episodes into the show (based on the early-access screeners), is the mystery is out and there is possibly nothing to look forward to. But do we know, there isn't? Only time will tell! 



This psychological thriller, Bestseller on Prime Video has me hooked, as promised by every single actor that I spoke to. Living up to the expectations that have been riding on it post the trailer, we think that every thriller fan must watch out for this series. If, the subject matter and the writing don't click very well, it is the performances that will steal the show for you.

Ratings: **** stars (4/5)

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