Revelation amid celebration on Tum Hi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi!

Zee TV's popular show Tum Hi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi now gears up for its Maha-episode...

Shashi Sumeet Mittal's popular show Tum Hi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi (Zee TV) is now gearing up for its Mahaepisode with an added blend of high voltage drama in it.

Our source informs, "In the upcoming Maha episode of the show, the viewers will enjoy some dance numbers and lots of celebration happening in the Pethewala family. Mama (Tushar Dalvi) and Mami (Aishwarya Narkar) will be celebrating their 27th anniversary and Bhushan (Neil Bhatt)-Shreya (Sreejita De), Amar (Vineet Raina)-Vinati (Aalika Sheikh) and the entire family will be seen grooving on popular dance numbers."

"There will be a big revelation to be followed by the celebration in the family regarding Ajay's marriage. Shreya will now reveal the truth of Ajay's (Kabeer K) secret marriage in front of the entire family amid celebration. Now, Shreya is up to creating situations in the family to make Bhushan realize about how discrimination is happening in the family."

When we contacted Neil Bhatt, he said, "There will be a huge drama regarding Ajay's marriage. What is Shreya planning to do now and how will Bhushan is going to deal with all this is what the viewers are going to enjoy."

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Anwesha Kamal

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Aishwarya Narkar

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Comments (10)

Love that Kabeer is playing opposite Chandni. Loving their awesome Chemistry. Hoping to see more of them in coming days #AjNa

8 years ago

i will watch only dance of shreya n bhushan , sreejita neil u guys deserve better positive track otherwise show is flop , stop using them as puppets to create drama , n for publicity .

8 years ago

This show b4 launch said something else & now it's something else. No leads, no vamps etc etc. but this show is all about Shreya. How she walks, how she breaths etc etc. Shreya only became the vamp. No screen space for Avni, Ayush & mishi. Waste of talent of dimple & Rajveer. Sreejitha is seriously not apt for Shreya

8 years ago

waitin fr dis epi...kudos to all d actors...all r doing really well...n sreejita gr8 work...keep it up guys...

8 years ago

Too much negativity will hurt the show to sustain with the ratings!

8 years ago

Love Ajay n Sanjana<3
Why is dimple doing this shw is what im mt understanding!

8 years ago

Another great cast series spoiled by too much negativity. This serial just started and has so much negativity. The actors r portraying their roles really well, but for once can we get a show which has minimum to no negativity.

8 years ago

All the best Neil and sree but I wish u haven't spoiled Bhushan and Shreya love story its now beyond repair

8 years ago

sreejita de u r awesome in portraying all the shades as shreya , indeed u r rising star all the best

8 years ago

Please tag chandini bhagwani too to this article

8 years ago

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