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#RepublicDay: Shows that featured SOCIAL REFORMS!

Hit shows with the concept of revolution..


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It's Republic Day and all you feel is proud at this moment about our country and the achievements the country has made in so many years. Well, Bollywood has brought up a lot of movies with the concept of social reforms such as, Toilet:Ek Prem Katha, Padman and so many. So are the Television shows. Let us look at the shows who had the main motive to educate the country and bring into light the social issues which no one would talk about in the past.

Balika Vadhu

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Balika Vadhu was one of the longest running show and had a large number of audiences attention. The show primarily focused on the issue of Child marriage but later highlighted the concept of widow remarriage, divorces, rape, girl child education, premarital sex, extramarital affair and educated the audience on all the issues. This had to take the top of the list!

Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Kijo

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This show was a social reform as the storyline had a very fascinating start. Here the father used to sell their daughters to rich men in exchange for money. It showed all kind of women objectification and then how they tackled them. It was very difficult for the audience to watch as it was very bitter but later they fought with it.

Diya Aur Baati Hum

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Diya Aur Baati Hum was a family drama but the main concept revolved around the husband and wife where the wife wanted to become an IPS Officer and how her husband supported her in every possible way. It was a social reform of a kind as many families, today also, do not support women working out after marriage.

Naa Aana Is Des Laado

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This was yet another show where they fought against all the social evil practices happening in the interior of small villages. The show mostly focused on the evil custom of Female Infanticide and the rampant misogyny that was prevalent in the backward side of the villages. The main focus was on women's rights.


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Udaan is one of the longest running shows and liked by the audience. The story's main motive was to highlight the lives of bonded labourers (Bandhwa Majduri). How they were kept as collateral and used later. Their saddening state was very critically highlighted by the makers. The audience was literally moved on by the concept.

Satyamev Jayate

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Satyamev Jayate was a reality show hosted by Amir Khan and was really an eye opener for a large number of audience. The show brutally covered all the topics such as rape, girl infanticide, corruption and even cleanliness. It was a very hit show and covered a large number of social issues. Audiences was largely affected by the show.

Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop

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Roop brought a whole new concept of gender roles. Here the lead character was inclined towards doing all the feminine roles, like washing, cooking, etc and was looked down by the society for his female-oriented choices. The story revolves how he tackles all the prejudices by the orthodox society and carries on his life under the effects of women.

Shakti: Astitva Ek Ehsas Ki

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This is the currently running show and is widely accepted by the audience. The show is highlighting the concept of LGBTQ as they have a transgender as the lead and how she falls in love. It is the first time when someone has brought up such a concept. It is a wide social issue and is bringing a change in the society as people have turned more acceptable towards such people.

Kesari Nandan

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Kesari Nandan is the new show and has the storyline somewhat similar to the movie, Dangal. However, here, the father is against the fact that his daughter will turn into a wrestler. The story shows how she breaks the stereotype. It's a very intriguing story and the audience is loving the story by far.


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Krishnadasi revolved around the harsh realities and the truths of religious Devdasi customs in remote villages. The show was a highlighter for the people and the misconceptions in the name of religion were removed through the storyline.

Phir Subah Hogi

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This was an extremely different show to make and air on TV. The show was about the Bediya community in the remote parts of the town where the girls of that community used to dance in front of rich men and they would pick up the girl of their choice. This was a very sad state of the girls where the men used to use them in horrible ways. The way they tackled all the issue was amazing.


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Muskaan showed all the prejudices that a Bar dancer faces on the society. They are not looked upon very well and Muskaan showed the struggle of a Bar Dancer and her daughter who faces ostracism in the society because of her profession. It is a social issue and that was a social reform as the mother and daughter try to face the world in the most human way.


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Ganga focused on the issue of Widows. In the show the young woman, Ganga becomes a widow on the very day of her wedding. Then how she tackles her life is the question. She manages to work everything out, that included society pressures, the removal of her from the society. It was a very important social reform and the audience loved it.

Well, the social reform shows are the reason society is tackling all the social issues. However stereotyping, objectification and the hypocrite society can only change when the people are made aware of the issues and educated enough against them. This Republic Day, we should take an oath to handle all the social issues with an open mind!

Will you? Let us know in the comments below.

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goofyCat 1 years ago Balika Vadhu tops the list and so rightfully. One of the best made shows on ITV during the golden era of Colors!!
Alpha_Ka_Gamma 1 years ago List comprises of maximum Colors shows. All were different and showcased some powerful thoughtprovoking stuff.
nushy1995 1 years ago Krishnadasi was a wonderful show. Unfortunately they had resorted it to a typical saas-bahu show before wrapping up. Nevertheless it will always be one of a kind.
Shaina_b 1 years ago All these shows were rubbish!!!!

katheriene 1 years ago Keep rocking Udaan. Balika Vadhu also a good show
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